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A Three-Martini Renovation Bloodbath


Our Halloween costumes this year are dedicated to Kristin of 1902 Victorian, who wrote this post after her picture showed up in a Wall Street Journal article about idiotic homeowners who drink and renovate.

drinking and renovating

Who says wine and circular saws don’t mix?



Our costumes were a hit, and the cheapest thing we’ve worn in years. No $50 bagged costume from the fly-by-night Halloween store this year. We went DIY all the way. Our friend Kurt supplied the hardhats (mine is spray painted to match my tool belt), the blood was a gift from my Dad last year (he worked at a pumpkin farm!) and the accessories – tools, toolbelts, nails, and paint-covered clothes – are part of our everyday wear. The only thing I had to buy this year was a gorey “hole”, which I wore on my arm with a nail glued into it. You can the arm gore a little better in this photo.

For full effect, here are the best “full-length” shots of each of us:


Teague doing his best runway pose, complete with pouty face.


Me and my girls, Katherine (left) and Tracy (right)


The costuming process took up half our afternoon and all of our kitchen counter. We made a HUGE mess with the fake blood, and will probably be finding evidence of it for months to come. But it was totally, totally worth it ;)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Tara had this to say on 10.29.07:

THOSE ARE GREAT COSTUMES!!! Kudos for the cleverness!

becky had this to say on 10.29.07:

Love it! I know what you mean about ease. Last year I went as a new mom, I wore a pair of sweat pants, an old maternity top and covered myself in chocolot and vanilla pudding for the poop and spit-up. Halloween DIY is definatly the way to go :)

jm had this to say on 10.29.07:

OMG. That is HILARIOUS!!!! Can I use one of the photos for the front page of Houseblogs? I’ll link back to this entry.

merideth had this to say on 10.29.07:


Aunt Sue had this to say on 10.29.07:

How did you ever get the pups to pose on the pumpkins??????? — and to keep the costumes on?????????
Looked like fun!

Jill - GlossyVeneer had this to say on 10.29.07:

Those are awesome costumes.

I have just found your site recently and it makes me re-think my fears of home improvement projects!

Steffi had this to say on 10.29.07:

Haha, those are just brilliant!! Too awesome. :)

Nate had this to say on 10.29.07:

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! What a great response to that horrible article. I might just have to be a drinking renovator/houseblogger this year too… I do have most of the gear myself. I can keep shotglasses in my toolbelt! I really wasn’t looking forward to it, but Halloween just got more fun!

Patricia W. had this to say on 10.29.07:

A beyond fanatastic idea; executed without the loss of a finger!

I caught your pic on the houseblogs marquis and had to do a double-take, very very funny!

Jay had this to say on 10.29.07:

This is such a spectacular follow-up to the Three Martini Revolution. I think we’ll borrow your costume ideas for a Halloween party next weekend.. Thanks for keeping it tongue-in-cheek! :-)

John had this to say on 10.30.07:

Genius! I love it.

Kristin had this to say on 10.31.07:

Thanks for the homage! You guys are geniuses! I desperately wish I’d thought of that. My neighbors would’ve loved it. :)

ezekiel had this to say on 11.02.07:

Keep those pictures coming of my favorite do it yourselfer!!!

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