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A Fancier Faucet – My Shiny New Moen Bathroom Faucet

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The fine folks at Moen must have read about my faucet woes, because they sent me the beautiful 90 Degree Chrome two-handle low arc bathroom faucet to test out! I’ve always purchased cheap faucets, and I’ve always had terrible luck with them – so I couldn’t wait to see what the difference between the bottom shelfers and a Moen faucet were.

First of all… taking it out of the box, you can immediately feel a difference in the materials. The weight of their faucets reminds me of the difference between picking up cheap utensils and picking up a piece of real silver. You feel fancy just holding it. The fittings all feel much more high quality as well. I can see why they get better reviews and have a reputation for lasting much longer.


I live in a much newer house now (no more Victorian, sadly – affordable old houses are much harder to come by here in Durham!) so the crisp, modern look of the 90 Degree Chrome two-handle low arc bathroom faucet works really well. Now I just need a slick black granite sink, like the gorgeous bathroom they show it in!


Installing it was a cinch, and I could really notice a difference in the quality of the parts versus some of the other faucets I’ve installed over the years. Of course, my camera is fighting me tonight so I won’t have shots to show you for a while, but trust me when I say it looks great and makes the rest of the bathroom pale in comparison. Time to redo the sink caulk if I’m going to show off this shiny chrome! Adding new faucets is one of those home improvement upgrades that is both easy to do and high-impact. You don’t need many tools and you certainly don’t need a plumber! If you’ve never installed a faucet you can check out this install videos to see what I mean about easy:

Having installed the Moen faucet, I can definitely see why people swear by them. The chrome is incredibly shiny, the handles have a nice weight and turn on and off smoothly, and the style of the faucet itself – and the way the water arcs out – make me feel like I’m at a fancy spa when I’m in my own bathroom! If you want more product info, you can find it here.

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