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A Fancier Faucet – My Shiny New Moen Bathroom Faucet

The fine folks at Moen must have read about my faucet woes, because they sent me the beautiful 90 Degree Chrome two-handle low arc bathroom faucet to test out! I’ve always purchased cheap faucets, and I’ve always had terrible luck with them – so I couldn’t wait to see what the difference between the bottom […]

Bathroom Inspiration

I was digging around Greg’s site last night, since he’s in the process of remodeling his downstairs bathroom and as usual has some great eye candy (like this AMAZING toilet) and detailed information on where he’s getting all his goods. Anyway….. he posted a link to Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques, a salvage shop in LA […]

If I had a million dollars…..

We’re gearing up to start our master bathroom soon, so I’ve been gathering design ideas and inspiration. We have approximately 1,254 “kitchen and bath” magazines lying around the house, which helps. They are pure house porn, fueling dangerous fantasies of the very best in fixtures and furniture. Similar to the way flipping through Cosmo leaves […]

Bathroom brainstorms

We haven’t made much progress on the house in the past two weeks, which doesn’t mean I haven’t been scheming and planning what our next 10 projects will be. The roof will come first; we’re hoping to start that in late August since every weekend from now until then is at least partially booked, and […]

The Purple One-Piece Toilet

In all my years of house voyeurism, I have never seen a bathroom with features like this: Notice that this is a one-piece – some serious flushing cabability! See the matching light fixtures, shelf bracket, towel rod, etc? I was amazed it was all a perfect match AND still intact, given that the house has […]

A change of scenery

Yesterday, Teague and I got to take a little roadtrip down to Hazleton, Pennsylvania to visit the Vintage Tub & Bath showroom and warehouse, where we helped review products for their website. The sun was shining, there was no snow in sight, and the dogs were napping happily in the back seat so the 3.5 […]

Tiny black and white tiles

This is the type of tile I want in one of our bathrooms – I’m sure it costs an arm and a leg but it’s so cute! I also love the wainscoating and the roll top tub used here. I hate the decals they have on the side of the tub though. Blech.