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Still glad we didn’t tear the roof off

It’s STILL raining in Upstate New York. And I don’t mean spring showers or cute little sprinkles. I mean torrential rain, buckets and buckets of rain. The kind that wakes you up from a dead sleep, and has you staring out the window in amazement. The kind that makes you very glad you have a […]

Divine intervention?

Some things are just meant to be. Due to a number of events, including an upcoming trip to Brimfield and a big new construction project on Teague’s plate, we held off on tearing open the roof this weekend. It was not an easy decision; we were really torn. We both wanted to make progress, but […]

Tear the roof off the sucker*

Yeah, that’s right…… we’re getting ready for demolition! We love us some dumpster action; we’ve rented the big one 4 times in the past two years. It’s a lovely driveway decoration, don’t you think? Could be closer to the side of the house though… we may have them reposition it before this weekend. Because, oh […]

Rained Out

Well, it’s official – we’re waiting until next weekend to start sanding down the other 2 floors. I can’t say I’m excited about pushing our timeline back a week, since it means our house will be ripped apart that much longer, but I suppose we’ll survive. The living room floor’s last coat of varnish is […]

Climbing into the Cupola

We knew we needed to tackle some roof repair about a month after moving into our house; we had some minor leaking in the bedroom after a major rainstorm. Since the initial discovery, that spot has been patched twice, but continues to find new ways to let in the rain and snow. Teague’s been up-close […]

More on the roof…

There is one major flaw to having the non-construction-oriented member of Fixer-Upper (me) write our blog entries. That problem is, I often have only a faint glimmer of understanding as to what the plans actually are. So when I get around to explaining these complex ideas, I break them down into something so simplistic and […]