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Super-girly shower curtain

Last spring, we received a lovely shower curtain from my cousin and his wife. It was a wedding gift, and I adored it. And then, like everything else we own, dirty grimey handprints somehow magically appeared on it. So, I washed it. You would think a shower curtain would be machine-washable, but NO…. after one […]

It’s contagious

Caulk-aholism, that is. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Teague is a caulkaholic. The man can go through a dozen tubes in one day, and continues to sneak little beads in here and there months after any project is over and done with. He can’t help himself. And usually, I just stand back and laugh […]

Bathroom = DONE

Phase one of the downstairs bathroom is, for all intents and purposes, done. WHOOOO! It looks the same as in previous pics, so I won’t post again but for those who missed it, here’s the money shots. I patched some wallpaper into the closet on Sunday, and painted the remaining trim. Now all we need […]

Bathroom progress

Well, we’re not completely finished, but the downstairs bathroom “quick fix” is looking really good so I wanted to post pictures anyway…. The Problem: Downstairs bathroom was hideously nasty. Wallpaper was badly stained (nicotine) and has cat claw marks all over it. Linoleum floor was 70’s orange and curling up at the edges. Ceiling had […]

How-To: Removing Wallpaper

I’ve decided to add a category for how-to’s, so we can share some of the tricks and techniques we’re learning (and other fixer-uppers can tack theirs on as well). For the first how-to, I’m starting with something easy ;) One of the things we’ve been working on this week is removing old wallpaper from the […]

The bathtub: before and after

The downstairs tub was covered in old, crusty non-slip decals. Look what a little hot water, a putty knife, some Goo-Gone and a little elbow grease will do: Before After