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Newest closet: an excuse to buy more clothes.

TA-DA! A great and powerful light should be shining out from within that closet, because this is truly a hallelujah-worthy moment. We have a closet in the master bedroom! No more running from room to room to find my clothes. (Note to Dad – that’s Cody’s flag up there, he left it at our house. […]

More bedroom “After’s”

Hey, look at this. I’m actually posting when I said I’d post. You can’t see it, but I’m patting myself on the back right now. Which is pretty hard to do while typing – luckily, I’m double jointed. This is the larger of our spare bedrooms, a.k.a. “Tracy’s bedroom” because it’s the room my best […]

Bedroom pics, finally!

I’ve been promising photos of our two spare bedrooms for about a month now, and I’m FINALLY ready to share. It took forever because the rooms were piled high with crap, because carpeting the upstairs meant moving furniture and clothes and random doodads from room to room as we went along. It was actually a […]

Spare Bedroom #2: Getting a full facelift

I fell off the radar last week, and for that I apologize. I have a good excuse – I’ve been spending all my spare time sanding drywall and painting our two spare bedrooms, which up until a few weeks ago were not at all conducive to sleeping or any other type of human habitation. I […]

Spare bedroom #1 – drywall repair

We have been cranking through some of our more boring projects, hence my lack o’ interesting posts. I mean, how many times can I complain about drywall sanding before someone comes to the house and cuts my Road Runner cable just to shut me up? As I mentioned in this post, we’ve been working on […]

Patching plaster

Yep, the mania continues. Fueled by fresh ground Starbucks (from the bag, we’re not fancy enough to have a Starbucks in town. I think we’re the only town in America without one, actually.) we spread our chaose into one of our spare bedrooms this past Saturday. Overall, it’s not a bad room at all. It […]

The long-awaited photo slideshow

I know, you’re all just DYING to see the plethora of quick fixes we’ve been pushing through before Cody moves in upstairs (in less than a week!). I apologize for taking so long to post these, but we’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks. You know, holidays and all. But now, for your viewing […]

Scary bathroom “before” pics

Lest anyone think we’re off our rockers for trying to do a quick fix on the upstairs bathroom before my brother moves in, I wanted to share with you the horror-show we’ve been using for the past year… Exhibit A: Twenty-year-old shag carpet that enthusiastically eats up germs and mildew, along with hair and toenail […]

A LONG long weekend

So, how are we all feeling after a long weekend of house work? I know you housebloggers were all tinkering on something….. admit it. While everyone else was out shopping for Christmas presents at the mall this weekend, you went to check out the deals at Home Depot. Am I right? I’m feeling like an […]

Unearthing more pink

On Saturday, I got one of those rare burts in energy that makes me want to run around the house tackling the largest, most tiring projects I can find. Maybe it was the break in the 90-degree weather, or the 4 cups of coffee I’d gulped down that morning. Or maybe it has something to […]