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“New School” Victoriana

One of my goals in life is to make our interiors look Victorian, but not too Victorian. To come up with some type of modern take on all of it, something romantic and creative and fun… and not quite so fussy. A decor that requires very little dusting of knick-knacks and does not involve overwhelming […]

A girl can dream

We received our Magnolia Hall catalog in the mail today. It’s sort of like touring the BMW dealership when you’re driving a rusted out Toyota Corolla. The furniture in the catalog is beautiful. It’s also so far out of our price range that we shouldn’t even be allowed to caress the pages with our grubby […]

Four-poster bed

Not that we can afford it, but I think this bed is beautiful….not sure about the scarfy part though, that’s a little froufy for my tastes. (click for larger)