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Steampunk Dream Machine


If I could have any computer in the world, it wouldn’t be the super-slim Macbook Air (although that would be lovely). It’d be this beautiful behomoth named the “Computational Engine” and built by an artist who calls himself Datamancer. Honestly, I could care less how much RAM it has or whether it runs Windows Vista. Just look at it! Doesn’t it make you swoon a little?

Steampunk computer

Beth and Meredith over at House Made turned me on to Steampunk. You can read more about it here if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. I’ve always liked the Victorian-meets-sci-fi style sometimes seen in movies and comic books, but didn’t know what a huge subculture there was! Totally makes me want to modify my computer beyond recognition but for now I think I’ll stick to drooling over this guy’s work.

Check out this and other projects at:  

Also check out Gary’s steampunk sink alcove, another work of art created by one of my favorite housebloggers!

I’ll just file this under “if I win the lottery”….

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