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Winterizing Salvaged French Doors

When we bought our salvaged french doors from Historic House parts two springs ago, we knew they wouldn’t be great for the frigid Upstate winters. They’re single-pane glass, and they could really use new glazing. They weren’t built to be exterior doors, but we just didn’t care. They’re beautiful, they let in tons of light […]

Finally – A New Faucet!

Back in January, we got all exicted about a fancy Pegasus kitchen faucet we bought at Home Depot – only to find that the spayer handle leaked, persistantly, even with replacement parts. You can read about the debacle here. With budget problems mounting, we decided to leave well enough alone for a while and put […]

Kitchen Show & Tell

We’re about 90% done with the interior kitchen renovation, and I know you’re all curious, so I thought a slideshow might be in order. But first, a few before and afters – click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version: Before After Before After All in all, it’s been quite an experience. We […]

Dog house innovations

One of my biggest cleaning chores has always been the dog cage. It’s big, it’s unwieldly, and my little guys aren’t too proud to let loose and pee in it from time to time. I’ve gone through a few different “systems” trying to find the best solution to this problem. For a while, I had […]

Faucet Woes

Our new kitchen faucet is a dud. What a huge disappointment. A few weeks ago we purchased a Pegasus two-handle high spout faucuet, very similar to this one, from Home Depot. We paid $179, an amount of money I had a hard time parting with even though the faucet was very pretty and exactly the […]

Installing a new sink and faucet

This weekend, our kitchen took another giant step away from a drab, dirty, box of a room we hate to an attractive and functional room we actually WANT to use and spend time in. First, the goodies we purchased to make it happen: A Whitehaus double-bowl farmer sink from Buykitchensinks.com and a very pretty Pegasus […]

Organizing frenzy

I don’t know if it’s the new year, the Ikea trip, or just a chemical imbalance, but I’ve been on an organizing rampage since last weekend and I just can’t stop….. It started with the pantry. We put shelving in, which meant *YAY* no more overstuffed kitchen cabinets. That got me revved up, so I […]

Just like the Jetsons

We just leapt into Future-Land! At least, that’s what it feels like. When we moved in, we inherited a somewhat-working dishwasher from the previous owners. Shortly thereafter, that thing crapped out and made for a lovely “microwave stand” until we rented a dumpster and trashed it. No big deal, we thought. There’s just two of […]

The countertop waffling is over

Since the day we moved in, we’ve debated the merits of various kitchen countertop materials. We’ve gone back and forth between cement, wood, and tile. The pros/cons of each were weighed carefully. Tile would be easy to install, and relatively cheap, but the grout would be a pain to clean and it wasn’t a look […]

Santa came early…

and look what he fit through the chimney: For Christmas this year, Teague and I asked my parents & grandparents to help solve our dirty dish dilemnas, and they definitely delivered. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I hate, hate, hate coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes every night. Even […]