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Scary thought….

I just read this thread on a board I frequent: http://www.supernaturale.com/glitter/viewtopic.php?t=14630 Basically, some poor historic home owner was giving a tour of of his place to some of his coworkers. One woman tripped on a step, and is now suing him. The poor guy. Let’s hope he has more than the lovely “hazard insurance” we’ve […]

Insurance update

Hallelujah, I might actually be able to sleep at night – the insurance fiasco is OVER! Well, not exactly over, but temporarily taken care of in that “at least we won’t have to default on our mortgage and lose the house” kind of way. After many, many phone calls to various insurance companies, both local […]

The photographic evidence

Thanks to all of you who have offered suggestions on obtaining/keeping insurance. You’ve given us some really great ideas. I’m working on the situation, and will keep you guys posted on how it works out. For your viewing pleasure, here’s the neglected back room that the insurance companies despise……. as you can see, it’s not […]

Dumped (again)

GRRRR. Just when we start to get optimistic, in comes some mail to take the wind out of our sails. We’ve been dumped from our homeowners insurance policy for the second time. The local AllState agents don’t want us either. Almighty house gods, can’t you cut us a break?

Our house is “uninsurable”

Nevermind coal in our stockings – we got a letter in the mail on Christmas Eve telling us our homeowners insurance policy was being canceled. Merry Christmas to you too, Met Life. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. They did the inspection over a month ago. No agent called with concerns, so […]