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We’ve experienced our fair share of bug infestations over the years between the two houses we’ve owned. In New York, we mostly dealt with less icky (but equally annoying) creatures like ants. Unfortunately in North Carolina the pest concerns are a little more serious It was required by the mortgage brokers that we get a […]

Free Salvage Stuff

I’ve mentioned ReHouse NY before – it’s a great salvage shop located in lovely downtown Ra-cha-cha (or Rochester, New York for you non-locals). It’s a big warehouse with plenty of stuff to dig through, including the usual doors, windows, clawfoots, hardware, and lighting but also featuring some nice antique furniture and little knick knacks. I always find […]

Cool Christmas Carpet

Before we refinished the hardwood floors, the area near our bay window featured a prominent circular black stain. It was obviously left by a Christmas tree stand and water trapped beneath it, built up over years of happy holidays. It took a good deal of bleaching and sanding to get rid of that sucker, and […]

Santa Came Early (And He Brought Tools)

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? A reward for all my hard work blogging our remodeling and renovation adventures. My very own, light-weight, small-enough-to-comfortably-grip 18 volt Master Mechanic cordless drill. This is the first power tool in our whole arsenal that is all mine. I can put my name on it in magic marker […]

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

The other day I wrote up a Gift Guide for handy men… but realize as I write this today that I would like just about everything on that list too. It was actually quite sexist of me to put all the cool “big boy tools” on the men’s list. That’s because at our house, the […]

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Let’s face it, fixer-uppers are a special breed. They require special holiday gifts. Don’t bother buying them a nice wool sweater – it’ll have caulk on it two days later. New watch? That’s nothing but a safety hazard when you’re running a tablesaw. A nice piece of literary fiction? A new video game? A DVD? […]

Cyber Monday: Chronicle Books

Have you heard of this “Cyber Monday” phenomenon? Apparently it’s an attempt to grab all of us techies who refused to storm the stores on Black Friday. They’re luring us with online deals these days, and apparently they named the day in 2002, but up until last night (when I saw a feature news story […]

Easy solution to paint mess

My Grandma sent me a newspaper clipping the other day with a great, super simple idea in it. When you’re painting, glue a paper (or better yet, styrofoam) plate to the bottom of your paint can. That way you can move it around and not worry about leaving paint can rings on the floor. Because […]

Worth a Look #2

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been reading this week: This Old House got a major website facelift full of pretty pictures and a little more white space. It makes me want to surf the site a little bit. Except that when I do, I’ll find all sorts of projects that cost $3.4 billion dollars […]

Let your dogs spy on the neighbors

Want to send your dog into violent fits of rage? For $29.95 you can install a “Pet Peek” in your privacy fence, so he can see every little leaf that blows past HIS property, and bark his head off accordingly. Please tell me I’m not the only one that finds this product shot (complete with […]