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Rewiring our house: a post-mortem

We took advantage of the long weekend (and the exposed hallway walls/ceiling) to finish rewiring all of the upstairs electrical. This is a major milestone for us. Finally checking “Electrical” off the to-do list, after nearly two years of fiddling, is extremely satisfying. I love drawing a nice thick line through something huge like that. […]

An electrical milestone

As of tonight, every upstairs bedroom has an overhead light that runs off of a switch. While this may not seem exciting to most, it means we’ll no longer have to enter pitch black rooms with our arms flailing above our heads searching madly for a tiny little pull chain. The propeller-arm era has officially […]

Our first three-way (light switch, that is)

Get your mind out of the gutter, would you? While I have no cool photos to post (left the camera at a party this past weekend, but it will be back home soon!), rest assured we spent most of our holiday weekend tackling home improvement projects. In fact, we managed to gut the rest of […]

Oooh, overhead lighting

Yes, we’re moving up in the world. We’ve now got overhead lighting in the living room and the bedroom, without any 80’s overhead fans attached, and WITH A SWITCH! Yeehaw. Because the old knob and tube “knobs” are still in the wall behind plaster and lathe, it’s not easy fishing wire around without getting caught […]

Back to the basics

It’s tax time again. Are you all anxiously waiting to file so we can see how much of our hard-earned money we’re getting back? And are you all dreading the process of getting them filed? Blech. This year there’s much more preparation involved, what with the house and the new small business to deal with. […]

Project vs. PROJECT

On Saturday morning we stayed in bed all morning and lazily pondered what to do with the wide-open day in front of us. I distinctly remember saying “Lets do something fun – we deserve some fun.” and “I’m feeling really unmotivated.” So how did we go from a quiet slumber to demolition in less than […]

Dining Room Update

Our dining room was the first room we really plunged into. It was a room that we knew would look ok with just a quick facelift, so it has been our “showcase” room, the one that illustrates our house’s potential and keeps people from thinking we are crazy folk. I’ve been holing off on posting […]

Weekend wrap-up

We worked our BUTTS OFF this weekend, but we accomplished so much it’s hard to be bitter about it. On Saturday, we got up at 8am to get cracking on the wiring. Ahhh, the wiring. What fond memories I’ll have when that project is actually over and I don’t ever have to wrangle with another […]

Progress Report: Mission Knob and Tube

For those of you that are wondering what knob and tube wiring looks like, I snapped a few photos. Knob and tube wiring was common in the early part of the 20th century. I think the old metal boxes and glass and porcelain they used are pretty cool looking… the fraying fabric covering the wires, […]

Tired, but triumphant

My knuckles are bloody, my back is aching, my eyelids could use a set of toothpicks to keep them up…… but I am thrilled with yesterdays accomplishments! I have great news for all you fixer-uppers out there who are in the same position we are. Last night, at around midnight, Teague and I determined that […]