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Welcome, Victorian Home Readers (And sorry for the lack of posts!)


Bay window - Victorian ItalianateMy poor, neglected houseblog. It’s been far too long since I’ve written something insightful or useful for our readers. There was a time when so much was going on around our house that I literally could not keep up! Lately we’re stretching if we bother to change a blown light bulb.  And yet, we’ve made the pages of one of our favorite inspirational magazines – Victorian Homes! We’re subscribers, but our copy hasn’t arrived yet so I’m anxious to see how the article turned out.

In any case, welcome! For those of you new to the blog, a little background. We bought our house, a 2,200 sq. ft. Victorian Italianate built around 1880, a little over 3 years ago. It was our first house and we purchased it somewhat blindly. We were young, and naive, and thankfully had no clue how hard renovating and restoring an old house can be. Teague is a handy guy (who has since started his own construction company) and I’m always up for a challenge. We loved historic houses, and Dirty Gert “spoke to us” the first time we laid eyes on her despite the strong smell of cat urine radiating from her floorboards and the giant bulging holes in the plaster walls. The house is unique and charming, and due to it’s state of neglect at the time of purchase, it was also within our budget.

After closing on the house, we spent our first night having a big huge “holy shit” moment. What had we done? How could we ever bring this house back to life? Where would the money come from? And the energy, and knowledge, and determination it would require? By morning’s light we were feeling better. For the next 3 years, we rushed headlong into project after project after project. The money we used to spend on movie dates and nice dinners (which we no longer had time for) got funneled straight to Home Depot. Our house consumed our lives in every way, for better or worse. It was as if we’d fallen in love… every thought, every extra penny, every ounce of energy went straight to the house.Victorian Italianate house - front view

We have fixed, quite literally, every part of this house – from jacking the basement to replacing the main roof, and everything in between. We did nearly all of the work ourselves, with the help of some very knowledgeable friends and family. We cultivated our DIY spirit here. And now? Well, somehow we ended up with a house that is actually quite lovely. It’s a cozy and creative space that we’re comfortable in. So it’s a lot harder to get motivated these days… one of the reasons our blog is so quiet. What do you do when the Fixer-Upper is all fixed?

Of course, it’s an old house. There is ALWAYS something that can be done, or redone, or upgraded. But until we have something more substantial to write about, I suggest flipping through our archives – you can view posts either by category (left sidebar) or month/year (bottom). The “best of the best” are in our Major Projects section. If you’re the visual type, you can go straight to our Flickr albums to see some pretty impressive transformations.

Some of our other favorite bloggers are mentioned in the article too, so be sure the check them out:
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And once you’re hooked on our madness, head over to – an invaluable (and time-sucking) site with all sorts of community features for house bloggers and readers alike!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

jenni had this to say on 01.16.08:

Congrats! and Cheers to all who received the press.. How exciting… big smile..

Aimee had this to say on 01.16.08:

What a lovely home! Congrats on the article too, that must be so exciting. :)

Dave had this to say on 01.16.08:

Congrats on publishing success! Now you just need to segue your published work into funds for a bisected porcelain easy chair…

Sandy had this to say on 01.17.08:

The house is so beautiful. I am anxiously awaiting the purchase of the February 2008 Victorian Homes Magazine. If I remember correctly, The Devil Queen mentioned you (and several other of my favorites) were in the magazine. Congratulations!

Jenne had this to say on 01.17.08:

Your house is all fixed?! You beat me! I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary here :(
Wanna come help with mine for awhile? :)

mrslimestone had this to say on 01.17.08:

What a cool mention in the magazine! Even though many of the interiors featured in that magazine tend to be a little more over the top than I’d ever do in my own house, its a great resource just for the advertisements.

Angie had this to say on 01.17.08:

Congratulations on making it into the magazine!

Samuel had this to say on 01.20.08:

Looked more at your site. You kill me. When did you guys move into my HOUSE! I just looked at the or some of the befors. I knew I was not the only one. I suspect many. I am working on my house a 1870 Ornate Neo-Classic Greek Revival. I am now putting together two years of befor and after. How soon we forget. I will explore more of your site again.

Kristin had this to say on 01.29.08:

I didn’t even remember doing this interview! It’s coming back to me … vague memories … I’m so glad I heard about this so I can go buy a copy.

teresa had this to say on 02.28.10:

trying to fine site for old victorian homes to buy fixer uppers do u know of any sites i want the south

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