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You guys rule. Seriously. After anxiously releasing my big announcement into the blogosphere yesterday I wasn’t sure what the response would be. Here at home we’ve gotten a lot of support. But we’ve also gotten questioning glances and a few folks outright begged us to change our minds.  So I was relieved to see a whole bunch of “congrats” and “I totally understand” in my inbox this morning. We needed that!  And it means a lot coming from people who are also in the trenches right now toiling through their own home improvement projects.

You get me… you really get me! ;)

We loved working on our house, and have no doubts that we’ll do it all over again in someday soon. Hopefully with less electrical and more cash flow. And when we find our next great fixer-upper, you’ll be the first to hear about our plans!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Cathy Mohrle had this to say on 02.13.08:

I was totally selfishly saddened by the news that you sold your fixer upper. My husband was an avid reader of your site and would tell me about you guys and your valuable tips written in your blog. I felt like I knew you in a way. I logged on a few times myself and looked at the progress (in amazement). My husband and I still dwell in our fixer upper in a historic NJ town. We still have work to do here. You gave us a lot of encouragement to keep moving forward b/c the end result is what fuels us all.
BUT, I must say, that I understand about seeing the house as a “huge to-do list”. It can take away from enjoying the house. I think you guys are really brave for “moving on”. I’m sure many fixer uppers feel trapped and do not want to move after putting so much sweat into something. Congratulations and best wishes to you and Teague in the future–where ever it brings you. If you do decide to pick up the hammer and spackle bucket again…keep us posted.

colleen had this to say on 02.14.08:

mindy goodluck to you, ive sooo enjoyed your idas and energy!!! look at all the skills and knowledge youve gained, so the next time you buy youll be ahead of the game. i dont think theres a home out there that in some ways is not a fixer. i got introduced to this blog thru the farmhouse sink, which i purchased as well which i love the most in my kitchen. thank you again for your honest and inciteful information. good luck on your journey !!!

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