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Waking up in someone else’s house

When I hopped out of bed this morning and my feet landed on smooth, beautiful hardwood floors, I felt like I was at someone else’s house. Having just returned from a week in Bar Harbor, the floors are still very new and exciting to us. The endless hours of work have already been forgotten, and […]

Stripping Woodwork: Fume-Fest ’06

Yeah, so you know that easy “repaint the dining room” project I mentioned a few days ago? Well, like any fixer-upper undertaking it tripled in size, turning into “repaint the dining room, twice, strip and sand all of the beadboard, and stain it to match the floor”. It added about 3.5 million hours to our […]

Painting Tips

Once again, we spent the weekend painting. What can I say – we like color. Alot. This time, we took the dining room out of the pink and into something a little more natural. After much speculation and a few heated arguments, we decided to paint the top half of the room with Sherwin William’s […]

Catching up

With the holiday madness, home improvement progress has come to a screeching halt. And I’m ok with that. There’s plenty we accomplished and didn’t blog about, especially during the rush to get Cody’s apartment ready. For starters, we were facing a bit of a dilemna with the stairwell. Cody’s side-entry door opened up into the […]

Pure Ick – Wood Floor Help Needed

We’re in the middle of a heat wave – it’s been 90+ degrees all week, and extremely humid as well. As a result, our wood floors (which, as you may remember, were used as a litter box by previous owner’s cats) are now SWEATING CAT URINE!! I could not be more grossed out. Prior to […]

Radiator Covers

I love radiators – I grew up in a house full of them and always liked being able to cozy up next to one when I felt cold. But the dining room radiator is right in the room’s focal point, and it’s not pretty. It looks like this: It’s half white because we were going […]

Disguising the uglies

Now that the dining room is painted, the giant gouge of a doorway that leads to the stairs stands out even more. Here’s what it looks like right now: (click for larger) Why the hole-like appearance of what appears to be an original doorway? Well, our house was a two-family for some period of time, […]

Faux-finishing: Damask wallpaper

The Victorians loved their wallpaper. If I was a millionairre, I would be shopping at Bradbury & Bradbury for my wallcoverings. But that’s not in the budget right now (or ever!), so we’ve got to improvise.

Pretty wall color

I really like warm colors like this – and it looks great with those wood floors, which are about the same color as ours will be (after removing the dirt, grit and paint stains).