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Laundry and Craft Room: The Big Reveal

Today, I am going to set aside my anal retentive nature for a split second so I can share some craft room photos with you. Because despite my best efforts (involving a rubber mallet and a stream of profanities that’d make the cast of Charm School blush) I couldn’t get the aforementioned shelf put together. […]

Sneak peak: Craft room wall color

Guess what? The craft/laundry room got a fresh coat of paint on Monday night! Above is a photo of the room after priming, before paint. Pretty boring, right? But ohhhhhh….. you should see it now! I’m beyond excited. I haven’t had full use of my craft room (a big, lovely open space for making large […]

Taping drywall seams

This weekend, we puttered around yet again with the craft room and closet. Skim coating drywall is B-O-R-I-N-G. I hate waiting for one coat to dry just so we can go put another thin-as-can-be coat on it. Good technique means very little sanding. That’s the only reason I haven’t gone beserk yet. The only interesting […]

A new closet – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Even though we have a giant house with far more space than two people should require, we still have storage issues. Well, maybe the issues are more mine than Teague’s. I don’t like seeing things thrown willy-nilly into a room, all ugly and piled up. I want everything hidden away in closets, tucked away in […]