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A crafter’s dream organizer


Saw this on Unclutterer the other day and could not resist sharing…. it’s the perfect gift for your favorite obsessive-compulsive crafter!

Crafter organizing system

It’s called “The Original Scrapbox”, and is a seriously overblown version of an armoire-office. It even has a little pull-out work table. Ok, so the pricetag is a hefty $1,500… but think of all the fun you could have organizing and reorganizing your supplies in this endless array of labeled drawers!

For more info, check out

My craft room is already pretty organized, so I guess I don’t need a $1,500 armoire…. my $30 IKEA shelves, a hand-me-down dresser and a $10 plastic pegboard do the trick pretty nicely.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Aimee had this to say on 01.28.08:

I saw that on the Unclutter website too! I couldn’t believe it, it’s a great idea, but wow! That’s a ton of crafting supplies!! Crazy!

jamaila had this to say on 01.28.08:

I think I actually just started to drool.

Sandy had this to say on 01.29.08:

Totally awesome (with a price to match)! It is very well-thought out!

Kylie Shaw had this to say on 02.05.09:

Do you know if you can get the scrapbox workbox in Australia?

Thanks Heaps!

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