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Fixer-Upper’s Links:

We had too many links to keep on one page! Click on the button below to view our link collection in It’s full of the best DIY, home improvement, design, victoriana, and community-building links.

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Looking for books and magazines?

Check out our Amazon store – I compiled a list of our favorite home improvement and restoration reads (and a few tools!).

Need a houseblog fix?

Visit and see what our internet neighbors are up to. is run by Jeannie and Aaron of House In Progress, the blog that inspired me to get typing!
Paint Color Pickers:


Project Tracking & Organizing Tools:

BasecampSign up for your free account and get your home improvement projects organized! You can set up to-do lists, assign tasks, set milestones, and track your progress.

Ta-Da List
A very simple, easy to track to-do list tool

Budget Tracker – has an easily customized Excel spreadsheet for under $10. It has nice graphs to show you at a glance where all your money is going. I bought it this past January and love it!