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Major Projects

As you might imagine, our progress is not methodical, and we don’t work on just one project at a time. We’re all over the place! So to help you navigate the madness that is our project list, below is a sampling of the major projects we’ve tackled thus far:

Master Bathroom
We gutted our hideous master bathroom and remodeled it from scratch. A clawfoot tub, new vanity, and new hex tile floor are a few of the highlights. One of my favorite projects!

The “Back Room” and Kitchen
This was by far our biggest endeavor, and is still ongoing. We tore down a rotted-out back room and porch (which extended off of the kitchen) and built a kitchen addition in it’s place. We salvaged the clapboard siding, rebuilt trim to match the house, and added two windows and a beautiful set of french doors from a nearby salvage shop. Once the addition was built we started upgrading the kitchen interior. Thus far we’ve added a new tile floor, new custom cupboards, a pantry, crown molding, and lots of paint.

The Downstairs Bathroom
Horrific is the only word to describe the bathroom when we first moved in. It smelled like a litter box and featured torn wallpaper, paint chips falling from the ceiling, and a moldy old linoleum floor. And, being downstairs, it was the one guests used when they came to visit. We ended up doing a Trading Spaces style “quick-fix” over the course of two weeks, for about $50.

The house still had old knob-and-tube wiring when we moved in. The insurance companies shunned us, so we made this a priority and got to work rewiring. This was a new skill for us, but well worth the hours spent learning since we couldn’t afford to have an electrician redo the whole house for us. We’ve added quite a few new circuits, lights, switches and outlets as we went along so things are more functional.

Foundation Repair
We jacked up portions of our floor and added new support structures to counteract 100 years of settling. We replaced old posts with new ones and repaired a number of sagging and ruined joists. We also added a french drain system and new gutters to keep the basement from turning into a flood zone during major rainstorms.