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The Fixers

As you might have gathered, we’re do-it-yourself types. We grew up in Central New York and have known each other for many years.
Mindy works as a web designer for a university, and is the one who spends endless hours futzing with WordPress templates to get this site “just right”. Her home obsessions include finding the perfect paint colors, making everything match in a non-matchy eclectic way, and finding great ways to organize clutter so she can continue her packrat ways. And of course, she’s also got a thing for documenting processes. She’s quickly learning construction techniques from Teague, since it’s pretty much “sink or swim”.

Why did we decide to buy this house?

  • We were tired of renting – our old neighborhood was being frequented by cops in helicopters, never a good sign
  • Mindy’s parents took off in an RV and gifted a lifetime’s worth of treasures onto their kids, including beautiful antiques and a huge tv that required a huge house to go with it.
  • We both love home improvement projects and were dumping way too much money into fixing up other people’s apartments
  • We thought it would be fun. Stop laughing! (It is, actually. Expensive and sometimes exhausting fun, but fun nonetheless.)

About the site

Fixer-Upper is run on WordPress, a free (and incredible) publishing tool that allows you to do all sorts of fun blogging stuff. Mindy customized the WordPress templates with the help of many online tutorials and forums.

We use Dreamhost for all our hosting needs, both professionally (for Mindy’s web design clients) and personally. We’ve been very happy with their service, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.

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