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24 hours before our closing


… and I’m feeling VERY anxious. Our entire house is boxed and ready to go, my to-do list is done, and our friends and family are ready to swoop in and help us celebrate. We even bought the bottle of champagne to toast with! The months of preparation that went into finding and purchasing our home are finally going to pay off. I just hope I will be able to enjoy it – in case it isn’t obvious, I’m a type-a…. so I don’t take anything lightly and tend to overreact to obstacles, delays, etc. My goal tomorrow will be to stay relaxed and take it all in. Teague will help in that department – he’s much more mellow than me, and has a talent for keeping me calm and happy.

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Sandra had this to say on 11.16.04:

Hi guys–

I grew up several blocks away from an ancient Italianate home on Main Street in Blakely, Pa. I always thought the place was haunted. Recently found out that it belonged to a local coal baron called Hull, who had many children and owned half of the town. Now it’s an apartment house. I also work up the street from one that houses a law firm.
I gotta ask though: what is inside that little square thingy at the very top of the house? I’ve seen them with and without windows. Any idea what they were for originally?

mindy had this to say on 11.16.04:


That’s called a cupola – we can access ours through the closet ceiling in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Ours doesn’t have anything in it, but it does have windows that the previous owners boarded up (probably because of leaks). Hopefully someday we’ll get it opened up again. They come in different sizes – the smaller ones are for aesthetics, ventilation, or sometimes to hold a lantern. The type you can stand up in were for lookout purposes (like a widows walk).

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