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A Bungalow Garage (I’m jealous)

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I know many of you have bungalows, so I thought I would share Teague’s latest construction project – a garage for a beautiful bungalow he repainted last year.
We don’t have a garage, so when I saw the latest pics of his work I was amazed at what the man can do, and also disappointed it wasn’t being built in our backyard!

Here is the work in progress:

Arts and Crafts Garage - Bungalow Style

Teague helped to design the structure, a 24′ x 30′ 2-car garage with a 10/12 pitch roof (which makes for a very big attic). He has done all of the building thus far including framing, installing the prefab trusses, roofing it, and creating the custom brackets. When finished, it should match the house perfectly – down to the trim, siding, paint and window placement.
My favorite part thus far:

Arts and Crafts Garage - Bungalow Style - Bracket

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but these brackets are massive – 36″ tall!
Arts and Crafts Garage - Bungalow Style - Roof

To see the house it’s designed to match, visit the WDC showcase page and scroll down to the 5th slideshow, “A Little Paint Goes A Long Way”

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Eilis had this to say on 07.27.06:

Go Teaguer!! So proud of my bro! Looks great…

kim had this to say on 07.27.06:

What’s that they say? …. “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”

Aaron had this to say on 07.27.06:

Wow, that’s a pretty sweet garage.

Pam had this to say on 07.28.06:

Teague is doing a great job! The garage looks great and I can’t wait for the official opening…..driving the cars in and and out a couple of times!! We could smash a bottle of champagne against the wall but I wouldn’t want to chip the paint!!
Teague is a hard worker and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

mindylaw had this to say on 07.28.06:

Pam – Thanks! He comes home exhausted, so I know he must be keeping busy ;)

Don had this to say on 07.31.06:

Teaguer Bean,

NICE WORK!!! Garage? Heck, up close it’s more like an aeronautical hanger outbuilding with class. Room for cars, canoes, and bi-planes, with a slate-top billiards room upstairs to boot. Fine art.


Laura had this to say on 12.31.06:

Looks Great. I will be building a new garage for my bungalow in the next couple of years and I love looking for ideas. thanks for sharing.

warren welch had this to say on 03.22.07:

Would you be able to provide information as to open soffit construction? Is that beadboard I see? Will you be insulating the roof?

jared had this to say on 12.09.07:

how much does it cost to build somthing like that??? you can email me the answer

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