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A century from now….


I have to wonder. In another hundred years or so, will a new breed of house enthusiasts be restoring contemporary-style 70’s homes and trying desperately to recreate looks like this to match?

Interior Desecrations – Horrible Homes from the Brass Age of American Design

Because that is a scary, scary thought.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

modernemama had this to say on 03.20.06:

Some of us aren’t waiting 100 years to update our contemporary houses, we are doing it right now. Hopefully with a little more taste than those featured in “Interior Desecrations”. You can check it out and see if it scares you!

Jen had this to say on 03.20.06:

Oh my! I’ve never seen that site before! Horrors!

Greg had this to say on 03.20.06:

I had one of those rooms! I’m dating myself here, but my Mom re-did my and my sister’s bedrooms in the mid 70s. Mine was all black and white. Black and white striped wallpaper on one wall and then white on the other three. There was a black and white pole lamps. Black and white checked bed spread, and a black and white rug. The desk was a hand-me-down but had a modern black and white desk lamp on it. The drapes on the one window were one black panel and one white panel. I had black-light and velvet-psychedelic posters on the wall. As a 12 year old, and a budding hippy, I thought it was very cool. Now, of course it would be hideous to have something like that in my house.

My sister’s room had similar items but they were different colors. I remember red and black but I could be wrong. Each room had a pair of corner beds where one rolled half-way under a center console thing with a stero in it. Very odd and modern for the time. My Mom was an interior decorator and the rest of the house was very formal and conservative, but she went wild in mine and my sister’s rooms.

Jessica had this to say on 03.21.06:

Our house was built in 1965. It still posesses the original blue kohler toliet, and matching blue sink, and has blue & gold “marbled” formica walls to match. All of which is waiting to be replaced by a remodel.
In the livingroom & kitchen we ripped out the green and white floor tiles that matched the recently discovered green walls, not to mention the original exterior color was green also. Over the past four years I have often reflected on the tastes of its original builder & occupents and thier era. I am sure when they choose the blue toliet to match the blue & gold “marbled” formica it was “in good taste” at the time.
I then think one day in the future someone will be trying to find a reproduction of blue and gold “marbled” formica, which was discovered under a baseboard, to wainscot these bathroom walls, complete with a blue toilet and sink. And just wishing the previous occupents (us) had not torn out the originals to add in the pretty new white toilet and wood wainscoting.
Its truly a twisted thought!
But I’m with you….not into the 60’s or 70’s style trends…and yes it is scary!

john had this to say on 03.21.06:

Sweet Jesus, it’s worse than I remember. It could explain why I don’t remember the Carter Administration, I’ve clearly blocked out the whole time period.

I have to confess that I’ve harbored a secret dream of becoming incredibly wealthy so I could by whole subdivisions of 70’s ranch homes and bulldoze them. Then, I’d plant trees. I guy can dream, can’t he?

JONAH had this to say on 03.22.06:

Who wouldn’t want a Q-Bert level on their wall? I know I would! I was overflowing with envy as soon as I saw it!!
The Avacado Period RULES!

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