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A change of scenery


Yesterday, Teague and I got to take a little roadtrip down to Hazleton, Pennsylvania to visit the Vintage Tub & Bath showroom and warehouse, where we helped review products for their website. The sun was shining, there was no snow in sight, and the dogs were napping happily in the back seat so the 3.5 hour drive was actually really relaxing.

We spent the day with Allan and Maria, two VTB employees, who took us to a great greasy spoon diner and let us play with all sorts of products. It was sort of like Christmas morning, opening up each fixture and playing with the parts. You wouldn’t believe how heavy some of the faucets were! I was impressed. We even uncrated a tub in the warehouse, where I totally embarrassed myself with my bad drilling technique.

Here’s Teague checking out one of the bigger tubs that would surely not fit in our teeny tiny bathroom:

And a wall-o-tub feet, each cooler than the last:

So of course, more than ever, I want a clawfoot tub and a made-for-a-princess telephone handle shower sprayer. And I want it now. How very Veruca Salt of me.

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