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Laundry and Craft Room: The Big Reveal

Craft Room, Major Projects

Today, I am going to set aside my anal retentive nature for a split second so I can share some craft room photos with you. Because despite my best efforts (involving a rubber mallet and a stream of profanities that’d make the cast of Charm School blush) I couldn’t get the aforementioned shelf put together. Verdict? It’s a lousy piece of crap, and if we can find the receipt it’s going straight back to Lowe’s.

I don’t know why I was hung up on the shelf, when we don’t have any door trim or basemolding up and the floor is a painted, gouged, hole-ridden mess. It’s not like the room is actually done in the true sense of the word. But, it is in my nature to freak out about things like stupid wire shelving units. And so I did.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you my new and improved Laundry and Craft Room. But first, a few “BEFORE” pics:

Craft room - before

(View of the back of the room – now partially eaten up by the bathroom and closet)


(View of the front of the room, from doorway)


(View from the doorway)

Because the craft room used to be an upstairs kitchen (our house was a duplex for a while) it had cabinets, a sink, old paneling, and cheap lick-em-stick-em vinyl floor tiles that were peeling off all over the place. When we gutted the bathroom, we gutted half of this area too – and moved the walls and plumbing around. The craft room got smaller, the bathroom got bigger, and we added a closet. You can see a decent explanation of all that here.

My mission with this room was to get it in usable condition quickly; I need to start crafting before my blood pressure gets any higher. And usable, it is – even pretty, if you can overlook the floor and the lack of trim. Here’s an AFTER view from the back of the room (near the closet door):

View from the back of the room

The work table and cheapo office chair are a bit miniscule for the room, but I’m sure I’ll find better furniture when I hit the garage sales this summer. What I really love are my shelves,cups, & pegboard. So many of my supplies are out in the open now, making crafting and clean-up that much easier.

Here’s another shot of the shelves and pegboard. The pegboard is white plastic, and was $14 for a 2×4 sheet. We cut it down to about 2×3 so the cups would fit nicely underneath without encroaching on my work surface.

Craft room shelves

As you can see, I’m container-happy. Everything is either see-through or well-labeled so I know what’s inside without having to dig.

Here’s the other side of the room – a blurry one, I apologize. My hopeless little shelving unit was SUPPOSED to go in between the washer and dryer to hold our laundry goodies. So ignore that gap and the pile of detergent bottles, ok?

Laundry area

The shelf behind the washer and dryer hides all of our plumbing, but also comes in pretty handy. That uppper area draws a lot of attention for some reason, so maybe I’ll put some cool artwork there. For now, it’s just holding a bunch of supplies and doo-dads. Here’s a close-up:

Shelf above laundry

This is the view from the back of the room, facing the doorway. I grabbed an unused dresser more storage, and it’s chock-full already.

Wide view

So….. that’s it for now. The big reveal! I’m happy with how it has turned out. It has a new ceiling, a few new walls, a new light fixture, new paint and new curtain rods. Everything else in the room was scavenged from elsewhere in the house.

It wasn’t a big spender project, but it’s not over yet. We still have trim to add, and flooring to consider. We’re holding on both for now because it’s just not that important to us yet, and because the entire upstairs needs new flooring so we figure we’ll wait and do it all at once.

Until then, I just won’t look down ;)

As always, you can see the full photo set on Flickr: Fixer-Upper’s Craft Room Photo Set

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Victoria had this to say on 04.26.07:

Very nicely done! My daughter loves to scrapbook…I have no patience for it but she could go at it for hours and hours.

Enjoy your new space!

adrienne had this to say on 04.26.07:

I now have craft-room envy! Congrats!

Stef Noble had this to say on 04.26.07:

That looks fantastic! Even better having seen the original room in person.

For a craft/laundry room, I actually kind of like the rough flooring for the moment :) You never have to worry about a spill or anything ruining the floor.

Eilis had this to say on 04.26.07:

Looks great! I’ve been drooling over pegboard lately…seems to be so useful for hanging tools and such. I’m diggin’ on all of your clear storage containers and buckets. Mmmmm. Crafts.

Patricia in Jackson had this to say on 04.27.07:

It looks great! I love that color of green!!!!!! Crafts rooms are it!

Kristin had this to say on 04.27.07:

Your craft room is ridiculously good-looking! The cups and shelves are adorable and functional. You’re inspiring me! I want to go home and de-skankify my office right this minute.

Oh, and I totally feel you on the scrapbooking. It’s been months since I’ve scrapbooked since ballroom dancing has taken the place of scrapbooking group on Friday nights. But the other day I dragged mine out and did a 4th of July page from last summer. I’m a little behind! :)

Kristin had this to say on 04.27.07:

Oh, and you have a dollhouse? More pictures, please!

Beth had this to say on 04.30.07:

Sooooooo jealous of a whole craft room!

And who wants a nice floor in a craft room? Then you just have to worry. :)

Kelli had this to say on 10.24.07:

I LOVE that color. I am an art teacher/artist and that was a big part in buying our house… “Where would my studio go?”

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