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A facelift for old appliances: Stainless Steel paint

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If you’re hardcore Fixer-Upper readers, you might remember that we spray painted our stove and refrigerator a while back. We inherited them from the previous owners, and they were a lovely shade of 70’s beige that did not gel with our color scheme.
We used Rustoleum’s epoxy spray paint for the bodies of both, and high-heat spray paint for the stove top. The stove top only held up for about a year; it has now decided to start cracking and flaking in an ugly “Hey, is that a crumbly bit of toxicity in my food? What a yummy snack!” kind of way. The fridge and stove body, however, have held up beautifully for over 2 years.

Now that stainless steel is the super-craze of the century, you’re probably all “white is sooooooo 1992”. If so, there’s a (somewhat more expensive, but cheaper than new appliances) product out there for you.

stainless steel refrigerator

It’s called “Liquid Stainless Steel”, which sounds like a Terminator-esque and badass. And it is pretty bad ass, since apparently it’s actually truly stainless steel and not some metallic wannabe. It also claims to be as durable as your cars finish, which beats the heck out of our spray paint solution.

You could use it for things other than your fridge- think hardware, your blender or a plastic trash can. Or you can go totally nucking futs with it and create a spage-age country kitchen, like this:

rszcabinets after ii wb.jpg

Ok, don’t do that. Please. It’s scary in so many ways. There are much better ways to get that Jetson’s-meets-Hillbillies look you’re craving.
Anyway…. you can learn more about the product here:

Found via Curbly

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Kristin had this to say on 01.15.07:

Now that’s cool stuff! Though I hate stainless steel on principle. On all the home renovation/house flipping shows, they always recommend upgrading to stainless steel, like no one would want a house that doesn’t have it. Gag me with a spoon.

Ted had this to say on 01.16.07:

I’m painting all of my hockey equipment in liquid stainless steel for intimidation purposes – thanks for the tip!

raghda alsalah had this to say on 02.02.09:


i need to know if i can paint a stainless steel sink golden color for the use of foot spa, is it ok or does it affect the skin specially if we will use for soak , mineral salts and soaps.

thank you

Pete had this to say on 08.01.10:

Can it be used on a bathtub

Whitney had this to say on 01.28.11:

Bahahaaaa Ted, That just gave me a great idea for my Spanking Paddle I can just imagine the look of my kids face when they come home from school and there hanging is a new shinny Paddle ….Oh the pay back for all the embarrassing supermarket trips.

Joe G had this to say on 05.07.11:

I just removed my white steel bubbling
stove cover to touch up, but the more paint I removed, more wanted to come off. So I stripped it down to the surface
which is steel. It is completely clean and
my question is: How do I Paint this heat
bearing stove with white paint ??
Thank you, Joe

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