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A new view


Another big milestone reached – the french doors are finally in, and WOW, do they make a difference. Now the back side of the house has some character, and the kitchen has lots and lots of sunlight.

I’m still glad we chose old doors, but they did bring a few unexpected challenges. One door has been ever so slightly planed off at an angle on the bottom, so they don’t match up perfectly when closed. We decided we can live with this. They were much harder to hang than new doors because neither has perfectly straight lines (much like the house). The hinges are screwed in at different spots on each door…. odd, but workable. Overall, well worth the effort. Of course, Teague did most of the work so that’s easy for me to say.

We’ve been tinkering out back every night this week. Last night, Teague worked on the soffit while I played around in the pantry. I’ve decided it’s going to be my pet project, since any screw-ups I make won’t be on display. It needs new flooring, finished walls, lighting and of course shelving.

I used string, two nails and a line level to figure out what was going on with the existing pantry floor, since it’s very obviously not level. Turns out that at it’s high point, it’s about 1/2″ higher than the new floor we’re putting in the addition. Nothing’s every easy, is it?? Stay tuned to see the MANY lessons I’ll no doubt be learning in an attempt to finish a single tiny closet space!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Trissa had this to say on 08.04.05:

The doors look great! Well done!

Beth had this to say on 08.04.05:

Oh my gosh — they look SO good. And yay for you both that you stuck with the old doors!

Alex had this to say on 08.04.05:

Well, it is really looking great, and I am glad that you used old doors too. As we covered previously, old is better than new… usually.

Now the back of your place looks similar to ours, all bundled up in weather wrap just waiting for siding. I am working on replacing our rotted and termite infested masonite siding with a German lap siding similar to yours.

We also just bought some nice half round copper gutter from Classic Gutters Systems to replace what we have now.

Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more photos.

Graham had this to say on 08.05.05:

Wow looks great!! What a job to hang them I bet.
Can’t wait to see them with the wall finished.
Keep cool.

Eilis had this to say on 08.05.05:

You two are amazing! Looks awesome! So proud of you both!

Tom had this to say on 08.11.05:

I have been lurking on your blog for months now, but wanted to comment on how impressed I am with all of your work. My partner and I are currently restoring our 1904 farmhouse (, and I am often empathizing with you entries. I have noticed that after working on projects for what seems like an eternity, I often forget just how bad things were before we started. The pictures on your blog show just what awesome progress you both are making on the back of your house (and elsewhere). You should be so proud of your hardwork and dedication. Don’t forget to take time to look back and pat yourselves on the back in self congratulation.

Becky had this to say on 08.16.05:

I was on my way through ‘Stota visiting the parents last weekend and was thrilled to see the progress made on your annex! Congrats! Keep truckin’…

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