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A tech-talk mini break


Bear with me while I put on my web geek hat for a moment. This post isn’t house related but it *is* house-blogger related.

For months, I’ve been meaning to write about using feed readers like Bloglines, which allow you to “collect” all the latest posts from your favorite blogs (like us, of course) in one place. If you’re checking a bunch of blogs every day to see if they’re updated, this makes life a whole lot easier. Once you start using feeds, you’ll be amazed at the amount of information you can take in every day. More knowledge, less work – and ultimately, less time spent in front of the computer. Gotta love that.

For those new to the blog and “feed” world, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune has such a great step-by-step tutorial that beats the pants off anything I’d put together. Read it here:

23 real simple steps to making your Internet life much better

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Leeanna Wolfe- Shadow Night had this to say on 02.28.06:

My teck teacher made me stop what I was doing to do this!!!!!! >:[

Hannah had this to say on 02.28.06:

My tech teacher, Mr. Lasnicki, made me get off the stupid game site I was on to look at yours. Oh well.

By the way, my name is Hannah and I go to Canastota High School.

Great job on fixing up your house! It looks like it’s coming along wonderfully. :)

Bruce Chandler II had this to say on 02.28.06:

Hi my dad lives on East Hickory street i live on 2nd street i think its cool that your fixing that house.U might know my father almost everyone in Canastota knows him.Well my tech teacher made me get off my game site and write u a letter so here it is well come visit us at Canastota High School
and come to Mr. Lasnicki’s class and chill dudes so peace and good luck in your new house and I bet it will look good when its done
Bruce Chandler II

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