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Another rug purchase


My rug obsession is ongoing, but the demons have been quieted a bit thanks to our newest purchase – a semi-nice oriental rug from my favorite discount store, Marshalls.

I couldn’t resist since it matched the dining room paint color perfectly and was the perfect size. See?
Dining room, with new rug

You can tell it’s not quite as fancy as our first (and most lovely) rug, but the colors are gorgeous and I’m in love with it. Here’s a close-up.
Dining room rug

My rug obsession stems from the fact that we refinished our hardwoods back in June, and I am deathly afraid we’ll ruin them. They don’t have another sanding left in them, so we’ve got to take very good care of what we’ve got. And even the fancy rugs are much cheaper than new hardwood floors, if you know how to shop right!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Patricia W. had this to say on 10.18.06:

It looks great. I love the rugs at TJMaxx and Marshalls, they are a great deal. I thought your dining room was a raspberry color. I missed something!

I should have asked this on the last post. I’ve just started using a heat gun (had I only known what I was missing!). What stripper do you use to get the remaining varnish/paint chips off? I’m just curious since you already seem to have a routine that works.


Aunt Sue had this to say on 10.18.06:

Your rugs certainly add alot. Will feel warmer this winter, also. Diane just got one for her foryer. You’ll have to come up and see her house someday. We will be away Nov 4 – Dec 14th but I will be home in time to have the Christmas Desserts about 6ish on the 25th. Will you please tell Cody. Thanks and tell your M & D hello when you talk to them next! Sue

erilyn had this to say on 10.18.06:

That’s gorgeous, it really adds a lot to the room. And I’m impressed at the color match – usually I feel like with our budget (and thus the need to go for really good clearance sales and the like) I usually get the best results when we choose paint _after_ we find the right rug, but you guys really hit it with this one – perfect.

Mindy had this to say on 10.19.06:


Our dining room used to be maroon and raspberry – we repainted it around the time we refinished the floors. The pink got old!!

For stripping away the leftover chips and whatnot, I just use regular paint stripper sold in hardware stores in the metal cans. I use the heavy-duty formula most times, since it works faster and I have no patience. The “Reliable” brand works well –

I brush the stripper on with a paintbrush, let it sit for the specified amount of time, and then scrape away. After you’re done stripping, be sure to wipe the surface with vinegar. This will neutralize any stripper left on the surface.

For stripping large painted surfaces without the heat gun, I use PeelAway 7. It’s pricey and messy, but it’ll get off many layers of paint in one application.

Aunt Sue – will do!

Erilyn – yeah, it is definitely easier to match paint to a fabric/rug than vice versa…. I have learned that lesson many times over. For some reason I never get the curtain/rugs first! Maybe with the upstairs I’ll get the order right ;)

Kristin had this to say on 10.19.06:

The rug looks great with that wall color!

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