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Antique Porch Railings on Craigslist

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Hey all, found something on the Syracuse area Craigslist that I had to share with you – some very cool antique porch railings at a reasonable price – $500 OBO. (Have you been to the salvage yards? Cause, yikes – these would probably cost 2-3x what this seller is asking.)

Italiate porch railings

Porch railing


These one-of-a-kind railings are painted wood with flowers and leaves carved into the full length of each panel. Although these railings are not original to the house (an Italianate Victorian built in 1883), they were present when I purchased my home in 1966. There are four railings: one on each side and two on the front. The measurements are 27″ht. 2 are 65″ long, 1 is 80″ long, and 1 is 81″ long. $500 or best offer.

Interested? Get more info here:

The house just happens to be an Italianate like ours, though it appears the railing pieces are not original.  I’d love to see some closeups of the porch posts and upper detailing, since someday we want to redo our own porch. In fact, all y’all with Italianates, send me some pics! I have yet to walk inside another Italianate and am dying to see how the stairs are structured, since that’s another of our problem areas. I’ve been collecting and photographing exteriors whenever possible – you can see them in our Flickr set, here:

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Mary Beth had this to say on 05.19.07:

I just posted a couple of porch pictures for you on my blog. If you want more, different, or some detail, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to take some more snaps for you.

Re: the stair structure, what are you looking for exactly? Inside staircases and the stairs themselves or the stairway per se?

Amy had this to say on 05.19.07:

Those are cool! I love craigslist. We found loads of bricks to complete our brick path for cheap. We recently purchased some garden pavers and stepping stones for $11.00. If we had to go to Lowe’s and buy them it would have been $150!

Jocelyn had this to say on 05.19.07:

Hi Mindy,

I cut out a photo from the Chicago Tribune of a house that is VERY similar to yours with a wraparound porch. I’d love to mail it to you. If you email me your address I will.

I remembered you were trying to figure out what you wanted as far as a porch goes. This one is very nice.

Mindy had this to say on 05.21.07:

Can I just say, you guys are the greatest?!

Mary Beth, I commented on your blog but it’s the interior stairs we’re wondering about. We think the original main staircase is missing and cannot figure out where it would have gone. We have a few guesses but we’re pretty unsure.

Jocelyn, I will send you my address – THANKS!

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