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At last


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….we have a closing date!

November 5th, 3pm at the lawyer’s office (commit it to memory)

This is day that I hand over piles of hard-earned money to pay the lawyers and agents who have so graciously ignored me, passed me off to someone else, and/or led me astray. But, also the day that Teague and I get to hold in our sweaty palms the key to our very first house.

Should be a glorious day, followed by a weekend of furious moving and unpacking. Hoorah!

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Brent Jackie Collins had this to say on 11.15.04:

Dear, Mindy, and Teague we are so happy for you both. Now your offical a grown up you have a house payment. Love, brent, jackie

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