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Bathroom brainstorms

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We haven’t made much progress on the house in the past two weeks, which doesn’t mean I haven’t been scheming and planning what our next 10 projects will be.

The roof will come first; we’re hoping to start that in late August since every weekend from now until then is at least partially booked, and we want a good solid chunk of time to do the tear-off. After that, we’ll be moving back indoors. My brother is moving on to greener pastures, so the upstairs will be ours once again. That means we’ll have two bathrooms again. Which means one of them is getting gutted!

We will probably start with the first floor bathroom, since it’s smaller and requires less reworking. We did a quick-fix makeover on it shortly after moving in, but it really needs a full overhaul. Right now, it looks something like this:


We’ve been picking up pieces for our future-bathroom little by little so as to avoid sticker-shock; a very nice shower head and faucet are sitting in a box in our shed, and a sink faucet is tucked away in the basement. I’ve been browsing for medicine cabinets on ebay. But first, we have to decide on the best floorplan.

The plan is to move some plumbing around, rip out the tub and install a stand-up shower instead. We want to keep the second shower, since it’s come in very handy thus-far. We just don’t need the full-blown bath enclosure.

In an ideal world, with limitless budgets, we’d get one of these babies:
Clawfoot Shower Pan

Too cute, right? It’s perfect for a small bathroom like ours. You can find them online for around $800 – $1000. Vintage Tub and Bath seems to have the lowest price for them, and we’ve always been happy with their products and service. Unfortunately, I just can’t reconcile spending that much for a shower pan – especially since that doesn’t include the drain plumbing. Sigh….

The linoleum will also be going; in it’s place will be some form of tile. I’m a fan of black and white hex, but something plain and white might be better to keep it from feeling too tiny. Thoughts on this?

We’ll probably keep with the green/white theme since it blends well with the colors we’re using throughout the downstairs and seems to be soothing. I’ve been checking out Rejuvenation’s Customer Gallery for extra inspiration – if you haven’t visited this part of their site yet, check it out now. Definitely worth the effort.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

colleen had this to say on 07.25.06:

i did white hex with grey grout in my laundry. very inexpensive and looks great. it was about $4.00 a sq ft. this color combo works with just about all colors . good luck colleen

Jocelyn had this to say on 07.26.06:

Hold up a minute- you guys are doing your own roof?! If so, I’m impressed yet again.

On the tile, I think all white is better in a small bathroom- we have the original and it’s all white hex in our smallish bathroom.

colleen had this to say on 07.28.06:

maybe you might want to forgo the med cabinet and just do a mirror, im an eternal ross shopper and have gotten several mirrors there for around $30. about half what you would spend at homedepot. i think an oval with the ribbon hanger at the top would be great
later colleen

Diane Willey had this to say on 07.31.06:

Mindy and Teague,
I have octagonal tile (white) with small accent squares. In one bathroom the accent is black and in the other white. The octagon is a little bigger than the traditional hex tile. Maybe that would allow the black and white to work without making the room seem smaller? I have a couple of leftover sheets if you want to see how they look in your bathroom. also comes with other accent colors (grey, green and I think cranberry). best wishes to Cody on his new job!

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