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Bedroom pics, finally!

Second Floor Basics

I’ve been promising photos of our two spare bedrooms for about a month now, and I’m FINALLY ready to share. It took forever because the rooms were piled high with crap, because carpeting the upstairs meant moving furniture and clothes and random doodads from room to room as we went along. It was actually a great excuse to look at all the stuff we’ve been stashing away in closets and purge all the things so unnecessary we didn’t even remember owning them. I love a good clean-sweep. But it took us forever to get things back into place. We really should have shared pics of the rooms in their full bomb-went-off glory, because it would help explain why I’ve arrive ten minutes late for work every morning for the past two weeks.

So without further ado, here’s the before/after of Bedroom #:

Spare bedroom #2

Spare bedroom #2


Bedroom, freshly painted & carpeted

This room got new 3/8″ drywall on all walls, a new ceiling, a new coat of paint on everything, and a carpet to make it cozy. It took us about 2 weeks to get through that list, but the room looks sooooo much different. It’s really pretty amazing.

The paint is a nice creamy pale yellow that brightens everything up. The room is small, so rather than go for my usual heavy colors I went super light and bright.

Tomorrow I’ll share room #2 with you :)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Becky had this to say on 08.13.07:

Wow, that paint WAS really shiny! Looks nice!

Eilis had this to say on 08.13.07:

Looks awesome! Yay!!

marye had this to say on 08.13.07:

I love that color and the quilt is perfect~!

a0z0ra had this to say on 08.13.07:

Hmm.. looks to me that the niche is actually for closet space.. but I might be mistaken.

Beth had this to say on 08.13.07:

What a funny little bed niche. And oh my gosh, the gloss on the old paint. My eyes!

Housegirrl had this to say on 08.14.07:

Love the “before” and “afters.” I too just did my guest room and it feels like I have a brand new room in the house.

Mindy had this to say on 08.15.07:

aOzOra – that niche is the space left over from a closet (to the right) that used to actually be a stairwell to the cupola.

We talked about taking the space and making the closet bigger, but the room is small as it is so we left the niche and snuck the bed in there to make the most of it.

Yes, SHINY paint – who does that? And why? You could practically see your reflection in that stuff.

I’m all about flat paint, the flatter the better. I shun semi-gloss.

Laura had this to say on 11.29.07:

I have to say that I think I have seen this same dresser in several photos – ?? LOL, it makes me think of how many times I keep moving the same items over and over….stealing from one room to make another complete :)

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