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Photos – Best of the best


As an admitted house voyeur, I know that pictures are the best part of any good house blog. It’s like peeking in all your neighbors’ windows without the fear of getting caught. That’s why I sit around and obsessively organize our Flickr albums. Well, also because I’m an anal person and I like to see my photos neatly arranged into logical collections. Some call it OCD, I call it good organizing skills. I could have spent the time vacuuming dog hair dust-balls off the kitchen floor, but clearly this took precedence.

Hopefully you’ve noticed we have a Flickr pro account, and that’s where we keep our photo gallery. If you haven’t, well – pay more attention. Just kidding.

Now that Flickr lets you have sets AND collections, I went around and made some changes to our gallery that will make browsing our photos a little bit easier. Our collections page is here:

I made some new sets, including a “best-of” set for our Befores, and Afters. So those of you newer to the site can see where we started, and where we’re going. You can check those two out by clicking on the mosiacs below:

Best of Before Pics Best of After Pics

So browse, enjoy, and let me know if you want to see a photo of something we haven’t got up there. Your wish is my command.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback had this to say on 05.18.07:

OMG. I am so jealous. I have 1700 pics (had a company scan the whole family archive) that I need to organize. It’s been sitting there on flickr for 8 months just waiting for me. I’ll vacuum your house if you’ll organize my pics! LOL

Greg had this to say on 05.18.07:

Wow, I had never seen those before pics before. I had no idea your place was that bad when you bought it. It rivals my own for the level of decay and filth.

Seeing those makes the work you done even more impressive.

Patricia in Jackson had this to say on 05.19.07:

I love flickr. I have way too many pics posted to it but I don’t care, it’s a great place to put everything and makes retrieval and browsing a snap.

You can never, ever, be too organized!

e r i n had this to say on 05.19.07:

Yea for before and after pictures! That is, after all, what fuels us… the addicition to the after.

Your house looks fantastic…. thanks for the inspiration.

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