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Birthday Loot


Teague made out like a bandit this year. Even though most of his presents were work-related and not very “fun”, I think he’s a happy camper. Because, sadly, things like new ladders have become fun to us. We’re such grown-ups. Further proof – for Christmas, we’re DYING to get ourselves a dishwasher. DYING, I tell you. If you saw our sink on any given day, you’d understand our pain.


The ladder I got him is the Werner 22′ Multi-Use ladder from Lowes. (At least, I think it’s that one. The price is MUCH higher on the website so I might be confused.)

Other gifts that might interest you fixer-uppers included a pair of Dickies
insulated bibbed-overalls and matching jacket, plus a pair of super-cozy fleece lined jeans to keep him warm during outdoor projects. Given that he becomes a never-nude and wears long underwear religiously from September – May, good cold-weather gear is a must for him.

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

sarahjane had this to say on 11.18.05:

Hi. This is my first time visiting your site, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Probably because I can relate in a lot of ways; ,my husband and I are also recently wed, and are also in the midst of many home improvement/do-it-yourself projects in our first place. We also live in New York. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m enjoying it. Also, I get the ‘getting ladders etc.’ as gifts being somehow a rite of passage into adulthood. It’s funny what you get excited about. And I LOVED the ‘never-nude’ comment, I get that more than you’ll ‘never’ know. I’ll check in again soon, I’m interested in your progress. Good Luck.

Kristin had this to say on 11.21.05:

Yep, Darwin is getting a 100-foot extension cord for Christmas, among other things. Exciting, huh? And yet we ARE excited!

Beth had this to say on 11.21.05:

MAN, I wish we were close enough to borrow tools.

Turning green for Teague’s tools.

mindy had this to say on 11.22.05:

Yes, Teague is a toolaholic, and we’ve got some of the coolest stuff around. Most of it came from my father, a handy guy himself, who had to give away the contents of his garage when he and my mother took of RVing.

We have some very old, very cool tools too – from my grandfather and great grandfather. My grandfather built special little boxes for his tools and little whatnots, which I absolutely adore and am so lucky to have.

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