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Blog Tag: 5 things you probably don’t know about me


Well, it finally happened – I’ve been tagged! Blog tagging is sorta like a chain letter… I have to reveal 5 little known facts about myself, and then “tag” 5 more bloggers to do the same. I was tagged by Alan of Vintage Tub and Bath‘s “Daily Tubber” blog. Since Alan once treated me to a “sandwich” loaded down with syrup and canadian bacon, a mouthwatering Pennsylvania calorie-fest I had never before had the pleasure of devouring, I owe it to him to complete the chain ;)
1. In college, I decided to underscore my uniqueness by piercing my tongue (kinda like everyone else). The hole is still visible, but the rather large 1/4″ barbell has been gone for about 5 years. I have 7 man-made holes in my body, mostly in my ears.

2. My real name is Amanda. Mindy is a nickname given to me at birth by my parents. They thought I’d want a “professional” name to fall back on, something less disco and more commanding. But I like Mindy better – despite the Mork jokes – so the only people who call me Amanda are telemarketers.

3. I failed handwriting class in third grade. It’s the only class I ever failed; I did not hold my pencil correctly so they kept forcing those silly rubber triangle things on me. (Like these things.) Despite my teacher’s valiant efforts, I still don’t hold my pencils correctly.

4. My best friend Tianne and I used to draw fake tattoos on each other with markers. Not cute little tattoos, but giant child-like swirly illustrations all over our backs, arms, legs, etc. It was one of our favorite ways to pass time when we were about 16. Once, I accidentally used a permanent marker and she had to soak and scrub in a bathtub full of rubbing alcohol to get it all off.

5. I fought a girl on the playground in 6th grade. We laid down rules and had a nail fight – as in, we scratched the hell out of each other with our fingernails. I had a jacket on and she didn’t, so I left without any injuries while she had pink scratches all up and down her arms. She was picking on my friend Laura, one of the sweetest people on the planet, so she earned a beating. We both went to the principal’s office, but she was the only one to get in trouble because I was a “good kid” ;)
Ok, my turn. I tag….

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Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Ma Wags had this to say on 12.28.06:

I’ve never done this before, not being one to tell secrets about myself. My experience has been that people tend to use those things against me in times of turmoil. But here goes:

1. I named my breasts once, a long time ago and my husband, Don, has been trying to guess their names for years. He’s way coooollllldddd. I cracked up when SNL had a segment on women who name their breasts. I thought I was the only one, but then guys have all kinds of cute names for their dicks, don’t they?

2. My childhood nickname was Cannonball because I was not only a champ at Dodge ball on the playground, but I had a temper rather like a loose cannon! (I can get angry easily, but forget it almost as quickly). Just call me “Cannonball Baron” and I’ll know you read this!

3. I always wanted to be on stage and my 11th grade honors English teacher encouraged me to do so after I did an impromptu talk entitled, “Bad Breath in Dogs.” It was an assignment that I’d forgotten to do and I was the first one called upon to give my speech. I came up with this on the spur of the moment, from a TV commercial I’d happened to see. The class roared and my teacher gave me an A and said I should be in theater. I did a brief stint in community theater, my favorite role being “Opal,” in “Everybody Loves Opal.” I have a tape of the show if you’re ever in the neighborhood…

4. I have a secret fear of the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) stalker and this Christmas became fearful that he had entered my house. I found Davenport, my dog, barking furiously at the front door, which had swung open. I immediately thought of the BVM stalker with whom I had an encounter several Christmas Eves ago on the streets of Utica, NY. I haven’t heard from him since his last phone call and a package he sent me, a picture of the BVM, which he says he bought in Medjugorie. But I think it’s only a matter of time before he shows up…if I disappear, you’ll find his name and address on a piece of paper in my address book (the pink one with flowers on it).

5. I sometimes can’t tell reality from fantasy and dreams. My dreams can be so real that I think they really happened. And when they haven’t, and I expose myself by bringing up a point from my dream to someone who was in the dream, and they say, what the f___ are you talking about? I get really embarrassed, because I don’t like people to think I am an airhead.


Becky had this to say on 12.29.06:
Kristin had this to say on 01.05.07:

Mindy, didn’t see this until today, but I’ll be blogging it soon.

Ma Wags, I’m totally feeling you on the dream vs. reality thing!

sandrar had this to say on 09.10.09:

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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