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Build your own deck

Tips & Tools

This article caught my eye, since my adorable husband has been pushing (and pushing, and pushing) for a deck out back. Don’t get me wrong – it’s that I wouldn’t enjoy a cute little deck. I just want a roof first. And some decent insulation. And all these things take time and money, two things we’re perpetually short on.
Teague wants a deck so badly that he went ahead and set a single post one day while I was at work. Sneaky, right? Because now, he’s that much closer to having it built. Nevermind that the neighbors think we’re idiots for cementing a big ‘ole piece of lumber into the yard.
We agreed (I think) that no deck will be built until the roof is finished; then, if money permits, he can build away. If you’re hot on having a deck too, this article sums up the quick and dirty how-to’s to get you started:

Build your own deck (via Lifehacker)

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

B had this to say on 06.23.06:

I acually used those deck blocks (mentioned in the Lifehacker post) to make a small deck (6×8) w/railing and stairs off my kitchen entrance. Only use the deck blocks if you do not attach the deck to the house. To allow for frost heave and shifting esp here in NY.
I built it myself – SWF40 – in the span of a 3 day weekend. Cost was under $500 for supplies.
I would suggest using the plans on the Deckplans website so you can get a materials list. I found the brand of blocks at Lowes (NY). They have to be the Deck block brand, the other one with the hole doesn’t work.
I think over time, while your husband is doing the roof you could do the deck.

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