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Bungalow Inspiration


In writing this post, I am going to reveal just how pathetic my life really is. Because last night while all the hip cats were out sipping tequila shots out of each other’s navels, my friend Tracy and I went to see a movie. This wouldn’t be embarrassing, except that our choice in movies happened to be one that was populated by hoards of hormone-laden tweens. So when I tell you what movie we paid to see, keep in mind that our choices were severely limited and it IS the #1 movie right now. We can’t be the only ones who got sucked in.

Disturbia, Shia LaBeouf and Aaron Yoo

So, out with it… we went to see Disturbia. (The star is a kid named Shia LaBeouf; his name alone makes you want to watch, doesn’t it? Imagine going through life with that name and actually becoming successful! It’s a miracle.) It actually wasn’t a terrible movie, despite the out of control giggling, flirting, shrieking, seat-changing teenagers in attendance. What is with the constant seat changing? Is this some new flirting tactic, or just a symptom of ADD? Anyway, I digress. The movie is about a troubled kid under house arrest with voyeuristic tendencies; after doing a great deal of spying (mostly on the hot bikini-clad neighbor) he begins to think his neighbor is a murderer. Kinda like “Rear View Window”, if it were directed John Hughes.

The reason I’m mentioning Disturbia here is that the house, featured very prominently in the  movie (since Shia can’t leave it, lest his ankle bracelet notify the cops) is a beautiful L.A. Craftsman bungalow full of Stickley furniture and a few really amazing light fixtures. I spent half the movie watching the background, rather than the stars. The kitchen, porch, front yard and an upstairs bedroom are all featured prominently. Unfortunately, I can’t dig up any pictures of the house. Apparently everyone else is more interested the bikini chick. But if you’re a bungalow owner looking for inspiration, grab this movie when it comes out on DVD!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Greg had this to say on 04.21.07:

To show you just how pathetic my life is right now, I’ve never even heard of the movie Disturbia.

It’s always fun to see great houses in movies. I always wonder if the home owners get paid for it, and if their house gets trashed by the crew.

My house would make a great horror movie set right now. For the right money I might let a crew in any room except the kitchen and bath.

Stef Noble had this to say on 04.22.07:

That reminds me… both the show Num3ers (which I pronounce Numb-three-ers) and the movie Old School feature nifty Craftsman bungalows as well.

Patricia in Jackson had this to say on 04.22.07:

It’s funny you should mention this movie at this time. My daughter and I are headed out to see it this afternoon (at her insistence). I love the Alfred Hitchcock film starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant so I hope this new take on an old theme is still entertaining. However I’ll make it a point to check out the backdrop. I’m always doing this with movies. They are a great place for inspiration and ideas….

Folksy Lady » Happy Earth Day had this to say on 04.22.07:

[…] Rachel really liked it.  Of course, she likes anything that involves teenage romance.  One other house blogger had seen it and commented about the beautiful bungalow home the movie was filmed in with all of […]

Sara had this to say on 04.22.07:

Rear Window is a favorite of mine!!!! I thought I was the only one who looked at the background decorating more than the plot!!! LOL I have so many favorites for the houses,furniture ,Etc.

Alan had this to say on 04.23.07:

I used to work with a guy whos parents house was used in an episode of Matlock. Kind of a lame show, but yes they did pay them. They also took over their house for a week!

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