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Clawfoot tub for sale

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No, we haven’t grown tired of our own (extremely luxurious to soak in) clawfoot tub. But we have friends who aren’t quite as thrilled with the style as we are. They are getting ready to remodel their bathroom, and they are saying goodbye to their clawfoot tub.

Clawfoot tub and shower

It’s a great tub – I’ve seen it in person, and it’s in good shape. It would not require refinishing unless you want it to look brand new. In which case I’d recommend Ed Shampine of Cicero, who charges about $400 – $500. He did ours and it was worth every penny – you can see the results here.

The outside is painted blue, and it has nice ball and claw feet. It’s 5′ long and 2.5′ wide, which is the same size as ours. The faucet and all fixtures are included so you won’t have to sell your youngest son for shiny chrome, unless you really want to.

Clawfoot tub faucet

Clawfoot tub faucet

They are asking $150 (o.b.o.) for the tub and all faucet/shower parts, which I think is very reasonable. I have seen similar tubs at ReHouse NY (Rochester, NY) and Historic Houseparts (Rochester, NY) priced at $300+.

The tub is currently residing in Sherrill, New York – so this one’s for the locals only :) All in all, it’s a great deal and a great tub – I am hoping it ends up in one of our readers’ bathrooms!

If you are interested, email Katherine at dammer7 @ (and remove the spaces on either side of the @ sign, I’m just protecting her from spam!)

And if you need someone to install the tub once it’s yours, Wagner Design and Construction is very familiar with the ins and outs of clawfoots!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Patricia in Jackson had this to say on 05.06.07:

The tub is beautiful. I wish I lived closer, because if I did I wouldn’t think twice about giving them $150. It’s a steal.

Gerri had this to say on 05.16.07:

i hope someone takes it. i’m in chicago or i’d definitely put another claw foot in my house. here they’re about $1000.

dawnmarie had this to say on 11.27.07:

I am interested in this tub. My home is in NY and I am renovating the bathroom. If this is still available, please contact me.

Emm Anderson had this to say on 01.24.08:

My mother is renovating her 2 flat in Chicago and has a claw foot tub and sink she wants to get rid of -soon. To my dismay she allowed the contractor to pull out two old sinks and junk (or claim & sell) them. I’ve convinced her to allow me to try and sell this tub and sink for her. Any reasonable price would help with the overall cost of the renovation. Is this something you could help me with? If so I could send photos and details, etc…


D.Croft had this to say on 02.17.08:

I live in Chicago. If the tub that Emm Anderson is refering to is still available, I am definitely interested. Is there any way for us to get in contact with each. I would love to take it off her hand.


Leslie Bolling had this to say on 09.07.09:

Is this tub still available?? I would love to buy it.

Debra Crampton had this to say on 03.09.10:

I live in Oneonta, NY. I am very interested in buying this tub. Please contact me. Thank you.

jb had this to say on 09.11.10:

Wow, $150 what a steal. I will see similar styled tubs on Craigslist from time to time with for 3 to 4 hundred more but never of that quality. Got a few ideas from the pics anyway. Thanks.

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