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Clawfoot tub…. so close, so far away.

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Nearly three weeks ago, we sent our clawfoot tub to a professional restorer, having very little free time and zero confidence in the do-it-yourself kits. When we dropped it off, the Tub Guy said he’d have it done in one week. A week later, we called to check on his progess. He hadn’t started, and asked when we needed it. (Umm, today? Didn’t we have this conversation already? I swear we did…) Feeling generous, not to mention short on options, we gave him another week. He said no problem, a week it is. 7 days later we called and learned he had run into some issues, so it wasn’t quite ready. 5 days after that – today – was the most recent “due date”. Teague called him earlier and left messages, but we hadn’t heard back.

All day, I have been convinced that Tub Guy had kidnapped our precious baby and we’d never see it again, that I’d have to bath in a big plastic bucket and never know the luxury of soaking in a well-restored antique clawfoot tub. But to my great relief, he just called. He just finished buffing it, and Teague will be picking it up tomorrow. It’s supposed to look like brand new, so cross your fingers and wish us luck……. I hope it’s really done, and done well!

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michael fahey had this to say on 12.19.06:

I hope it works out for you. Maybe you should send a pic…before and after.

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