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Coloring books for grown-ups


As a child, I loved to color. Show me a nice new box of sharpened crayolas (the 72 pack, naturrally) and I still get excited. But I’m all grown up, and grown-ups don’t color, right?

Not necessarily. Dover’s Victorian House coloring books feature the coolest drawings, AND they look hard enough to keep me quiet for a few hours.


Or, if Victorian’s not your thing, try the Frank Lloyd Wright one. Cool, right?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

mandaliet had this to say on 10.03.05:

I think this is one of the coloring books my sister had when we were kids. She was meticulous when she would color, so you can always tell which ones I tried to do because they’re all scribbled.

Lillian had this to say on 10.03.05:

I love Dover coloring books even though I didn’t discover them until I was in my 30’s with preschoolers. Every one I have seen is awesome. Enjoy!

Kristin had this to say on 10.04.05:

Wow! I loved to color, too. I neeeed that coloring book!

Ralph Bragg had this to say on 10.05.05:

I can’t believe you have that coloring book. My wife and I picked it up in Orlando last year and she just got around to finishing it about a week ago. The house on the cover looks just like one down the road from us in Windsor, CT.

Pam had this to say on 10.10.05:

Will definitely have to get Jerry a coloring book!!!! After all, he is just laying around lately!!! Sure, I laugh now.

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