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Community involvement


A post over at Bungalow 23 got me thinking about our little neighborhood. Lately I’ve been wondering why we’re not more “involved” in our community.

I partially blame the age gap – I’m pretty sure we’re the youngest homeowners on the block, and we don’t run into too many people our age who are passionate about home restoration. So if there are existing groups out there, we wouldn’t hear about them from anyone in our circle of friends. We’ve also become quite anti-social, since most our free time gets sucked up by home improvement projects. Being social would help, I’m sure.

I’ve been looking around for any type of committee or group that might interest us and help us meet people. Neighborhood associations, preservation societies, community beautfication, that type of thing. Bigger cities (like Syracuse) have some interesting offerings – like this group – but in tiny little Canastota, the best I can find is the Chamber of Commerce.

Has anyone out there started their own neighborhood group? And if so, how’d you go about it? I know there are plenty of old-home restorers/lovers in and around town…. but how do I meet them?

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ben had this to say on 02.07.06:

During the summer we chat over the fences and offer cuttings to the neighbors. You might try a block party or bar-b-que. There was a significant age difference in our neighborhood too (several have since died off) but don’t avoid the older folks. They can give you a wealth of information about the neighborhood or even your own home, it may just take a couple cups of coffee and a few lonnnggg chats;-)

Gary had this to say on 02.08.06:

Starting one is easy. You just need a major cause. Getting people to show up on an ongoing basis is much harder. I am the president of our group and have been for three years. Out of 2500 residences we are lucky to have 60 paying members at $2 each and 15 to 20 show up at our monthly meetings. At least half those that show up have done so for the last 15 years. It is sad when 1% of the people decide what the other 99% must endure. As president though I actually have some real authority. City officials will listen to me (even more so since I cut my hair!) and most homeowners back me up when I make a stand on some issues. Our association has been docile for 25 years but this year will see some radical actions. We can achieve more as a neighborhood association than as neighborhood dependent upon city services. We have a monthly newsletter that I put together that gets distributed about the neighborhood by a handful of volunteers. If you are interested in setting up a 501(c)3 let me know, I can send you a copy of our constitution and by-laws as an examble to use. If you want me to email you our newsletter every month send me an email address to send it to. You can view some past contents and info at

We actually have residents donating money to us so this year we have to use it to do high impact things so that more people will be inclined to donate since they will see their money being spent on their neighborhood. Be warned, you will get frustrated and will be appalled at all the apathy that exists around you…

Graham had this to say on 02.08.06:

What we did was to get the use of the local church rec room (basement) and print up flyers inviting everyone in the neighborhood to come meet, greet and eat. We sprang for some coffee and munchies. Well it was a big hit. Neighbors who had never met each other before got to meet. Some of our neighbors are very elderly and they brought old photos of houses in the neighborhood and had great stories to tell. That was (ugh) 11 years ago, and the neighborhood is still a place where you know your neighbors.

Kristin had this to say on 02.08.06:

Our tiny town has a Historical Society (known among our friends as the “hysterical” society). I hoped we would get sucked into a whirlwind of preservation activity, chili suppers, fun times, yeah! Unfortunately, the historical society folks are elitist. We befriended the rebels of Eutaw society instead. :)

Derek Canavan had this to say on 02.13.06:

I know EXACTLY what you mean! However, I am a local teacher and am a member of a few local civic groups but most of that is from my old residence, not this resto-job. (same city). In my city, the vinyl siding has masked the personality of the neighborhood. I’m surrounded by nice people but it takes work breaking down the barriers usually only breached by a wave. We’ve got a hook though, EVERYBODY wants to see what we’ve done to our house. And last summer when I restored/rebuilt the original front porch people started to come by that I’ve only waved to for 3 years. One neighbor asked me what I was going to put down for a new floor seen as how I was ripping up the old doug fir tongue and groove. I told him I hadn’t decided but that replaceing it with new T&G was not something this teacher could afford. He blew me away and insisted I take 3200 square ft of 30 yr old, but NEVER installed Doug Fir T&G he had in his shop. It looks great on the porch, and that neighbor, “Arnie” has helped me drain quite a few beers on it.

Keep Trying, and boy you’ve got a great house!

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