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Cool office idea: Chalkboard Calendar

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Saw this on the Martha Stewart site and had to pass it along – it’d be easy to create, and extremely useful (around our house at least). It’s a giant wal-sized calendar, painted using chalkboard paint. With such a large space to writ ein, you could write down your appointments, memos, to-dos, etc… and they’d be staring back at you from the wall, very hard to miss!
Chalkboard Paint Calendar, Martha Stewart

Miss Martha gives pretty detailed directions, but you could have fun with it and go a little “out of the box” if you were feeling frisky.

The chalkboard paint is available just about everywhere now, including Home Depot and Lowes. I also found a recipe for making your own right here, and it’s stupidly simple. I can vouch for the store-bought paint – I have seen it in action, and even drawn goofy girly swirls on it with a giant hunk of pink chalk.
Martha Stewart Wall Calendar how-to article > 

Want more uses for chalkboard paint? How about using it on an entire kitchen wall, on placemats to keep kids entertained, or to make a super cute kid desk?

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

colleen had this to say on 01.06.07:

my daughter in law did a wall in her kit for the grandbabies, they’re having a great time. when we come to visit they draw special stuff on it . she has an older home with 4 types of wall finishes just in the kit, shes bringing it together with paint. i like the furniture idea very clever

Eilis had this to say on 01.07.07:

So completely doing this! Thanks for the tip!

Becky had this to say on 01.13.07:

That’s so cool!

I’m not sure if the two paints would work together, but I bet you could even put a coat of the magnetic paint underneath the chalkboard paint. Then you could stick things on a specific date with a magnet.

My sister has that magnetic paint on one wall in her mudroom and they use it to hang up kids’ artwork, school pictures, postcards, etc. All that stuff that you like to hang up but that make your fridge door look cluttered. It’s super cute. You just paint on the magnetic paint and paint over that with your desired color, I do believe. I’ll have to mentally file this all away!!

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