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Craft room inspiration


My craft room “after” is so very, very close to being ready… one very stubborn shelving piece is all that stands between me and that great feeling of accomplishment I’ll get when I post the pics. But dammit, it’s one tough shelf – and last night a flat tire derailed my plans to conquer it. Instead, I spent 1.5 hours wandering aimlessly around Walmart while I waited for a new tire. Pffffft.

So to buy myself another day, I’ll share with you my “inspiration collection” – a bunch of ideas I threw into a folder for reference when I was pulling the room together. Because no space should be without inspiration, especially not one meant for creative endeavors.

First, the color. I flip-flopped between blue and green, eventually settling on green (as usual). I wanted an energizing green, something trendier and brighter than the other greens found throughout our house. Kinda like this:

Another great green scheme!

Love this green

See? Lime green can be both modern AND traditional. Woweee.

Crafty blogger Heather Bailey’s studio was a major source of inspiration, too. She is a fabric designer, and you can see she’s got an amazing eye for mixing color and pattern. Everything she does is delicious and super cute. You can see pics of her studio on Flickr.
Heather Bailey's studio

My craft room isn’t nearly as beautiful, but I did try to work in some girly details and hope to sneak more in as I go.

As for organization, I had some good stuff to work with – I’m taking almost everything I purchsed last year when I had to cram my craft supplies into our downstairs office. (You can check that out here.) I had shelves and Tupperware galore; what I added was a pegboard to hold my tools out in plain view. Kinda like this:

Another good ribbon/storage wall idea

It came together nicely, and now I have no excuse not to craft. Oh, execept the old “working on the house” excuse, which explains why I never do 99% of what I plan to do.

Stay tuned……. it’s coming, I promise!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

Patricia in Jackson had this to say on 04.26.07:

I really like that green. I watched the season finale of Top Design and the bathroom of Carissa’s loft was this green. I never thought I would have liked that color but it was really beautiful. I hope nothing gets in the way of your setting the shelf up so that we can see it soon!

colleen had this to say on 04.26.07:

i want that pegboard bookcase thing, way tooo coool.

Kristin had this to say on 04.26.07:

Wow, I love all your inspiration rooms! My craft room is an utter disaster. Of course, I never really do any crafts in there. I go and fetch my craft supplies when I want them and relocate to the kitchen table or the living room ottoman. My craft room is too crowded to be in for long and has bad lighting.

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