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Cyber Monday: Chronicle Books

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Have you heard of this “Cyber Monday” phenomenon? Apparently it’s an attempt to grab all of us techies who refused to storm the stores on Black Friday. They’re luring us with online deals these days, and apparently they named the day in 2002, but up until last night (when I saw a feature news story on it) I had no clue it existed. Tricky little marketers, you got me again. There’s a site devoted to sharing the deals with us, of course:

I got my own set of deals in my inbox this morning… lots and lots of them, most of which went straight to junkmail. You can’t catch me, WalMart! One, however, was good enough to share. Chronicle Books is an online bookstore with some of the coolest selections in Art and Interior Design. It carries some titles you won’t find at your library, and a bunch of books you could set on your coffee table and flip through obsessively. Good gift books, if you happen to be Christmas shopping for a house enthusiast.

Their annual sale is running from now until Wednesday, November 28th – 30% off plus Free Shipping. Just use the promo code FRIENDS at checkout

A sampling of their selection:

Living in the Arts and Crafts Style
Living in the Arts and Crafts Style


House Journal
Our House – A homeowner’s journal


Greene & Greene - Arts & Crafts Aesthetics
Greene and Green Masterworks (major players in the Arts and Crafts movement)


Sustainable Design

Living Homes – Sustainable Design & Architecture

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Sarah had this to say on 11.28.07:

Yes, apparently what happened is that the “Black Friday” sales reached an all-time, record low this year in the U.S. Because many companies rely on that one day to generate a large percentage of their income, they’re all terrified, and the Monday Madness thing is a desperate flailing attempt to earn back some of the perceived “lost cash” and fight of their very rational case of the howling fantods. Can’t say it’s a surprise, since the dollar has never been so close in value to the peso in our entire history….I like how our country is still trying to pretend that Canada’s economy is suddenly booming, and that’s supposed to explain why all of a sudden our dollar is equal to theirs, which is just loony! Remember when ours was worth twice as much? It was just before Bush took control…not so very long ago………

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