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Demolition Red-Eye


Looking at me today, you’d think I’ve either been smoking dope or crying uncontrollably. My eyes are so bloodshot it’s ridiculous. The real reason for this beautiful look? We finally finished gutting the hallway ceiling yesterday, and I have enough plaster dust in my eyes to build a new wall.

Demolishing the hallway ceiling.

I used to enjoy demolition, but now that what demo we have left involves plaster (and the mess that ensues) I pretty much despise it. We have a few walls and ceilings upstairs that we used to think we were going to gut. Now? I am all about skimcoating. And better safety gear.

Just thought I’d share this crusty, watery-eyed, black-booger blowing moment with you all.

PS: Want to feel better about the state of your half-demo’d house? Check out the pics in this photo gallery, and add one of your own:

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amanda had this to say on 08.22.06:

When that happens to me (fairly frequently, too with all the stuff going on around here), I grab my husband’s contact lens solution, go stand in the tub, pry my eye open and rinse it out for a long, long time. The high pressure and directed stream of the lens solution bottle is the only thing that cleans all of that stuff out of my eyes (regular drops and rinsing with water just don’t do the trick). Maybe it will help you- I can be fully rested (although rare since we bought the Nightmare) but if my eyes hurt, I feel exhausted all day.

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