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Determining a house’s worth

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Wondering how much that drippy Victorian you drool over will sell for, or how much your neighbors’ house is assessed at? A house’s worth can be calculated many ways, and often times money has nothing to do with it. But still….. it’s nice to know about the money part.


Zillow (, an online real estate service, maps it out for you, using some very powerful little formulas and mapping. You can compare home values (good for buyers), estimate your home’s value (good for sellers) and track your home’s value over time (just plain good). It also allows you to adjust your home’s “Zestimate” (estimated market value) if you’ve been doing repairs and renovations that would raise it’s value. Might be worth a test drive to see how much your sweat equity is paying off!

My favorite use, thus far, is looking at particular streets (like my own) to see what the value range is. If you’re on the low end (we are) you can rest assured that your Home Depot spending is a pretty safe investment. If your house is already at the high end for your neighborhood, you might want to think twice before splurging on ultra-expensive updates.

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john had this to say on 04.06.06:

Sounds cool, but they only cover four counties in Arkansas (not mine). Oh well, thanks for the tip though.

Lisa Zeimetz had this to say on 04.07.06:

Thank you for posting this! I read about zillow in the WSJ several weeks ago and couldn’t remember the name of the site!

Hope everything is going well, we’re enjoying a break from all the renovating, lolol

jackie collins had this to say on 04.07.06:

Mindy, Happy Birthday 27, you still look 16 but much wiser.have a wonderful day. love, brent, jackie

Anonymous had this to say on 04.07.06:

They don’t support Safari for Mac? Bummer!

Aaron Weber had this to say on 04.09.06:

Your contact email didn’t work so I’m trying this instead. I want to notify you that I’ve added this site the houseblogs category of Top Ten Sources, a guide to weblogs.

You can see the houseblogs page here:

You can write to me if you have questions or comments; if you wish not to be on the site at all, just write to


Aaron Weber,
Top Ten Sources, Inc.

Jodi had this to say on 04.09.06:

Happy Birthday and thank you for the great website! I really like it and find it inspiring that other twenty somethings are taking on the challenges of old home renovation. Also, I tried to email you directly, but it bounced back. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks again.

Kristin had this to say on 04.11.06:

This is the sort of thing I could get obsessed with.

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