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Note to those thinking of buying a fixer-upper: it takes a toll on your outward appearance.

I was the proud owner of some really beautiful shapely fingernails for about 24 hours. My sister-in-law’s bachelorette party was on Saturday, and we hit a local spa for some serious pampering. (Soooo much fun, so very needed.) I decided on a manicure, which in hindsight was a really dumb idea because the next day I was up on a ladder painting and guess what? The $20 manicure did not make it. Not only did I get paint all over, I also jammed my thumb into the ladder and broke the nail off at a funny angle. Pffft. I was sorta hoping I’d get to enjoy cute nails for at least a day or two.

I was never a high maintenance “all done up” type person, but I used to at least TRY every once in a while. After we started the house, my little beauty routines started falling by the wayside one by one. You can almost always find paint on me somewhere, often in my hair or on my feet. My clothes often have drywall marks on them from where I bumped into something inadvertantly on my way out the door.

It’s gotten to the point where outsiders have noticed our lack of effort, which is pretty embarrassing. Time to get back to regular showers and cleaner clothes, before we become the neighborhood crazies who smell and collect old newspapers….

Has anyone else’s personal hygiene taken a nosedive?

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Greg had this to say on 08.06.07:

Yea, in a big way. From the amount of cat hair I swept up over the weekend you would think my 2 cats were bald. I’m had paint splatters on my glasses since last summer.

Some day….

Kristin had this to say on 08.07.07:

My house is skanky, but I must say, I’m still pretty cute. :) At least I try to fix up when I’m going somewhere, but at home on the weekends, I give myself permission to look like a complete and utter horror. And sometimes I even wear work clothes two weekends without washing them because what’s the point of washing something you’re about to drench with sweat and paint? I’m gross. Sorry.

Jennifer had this to say on 08.07.07:

Mindy – I had to post when I read this, we’re currently in the middle of a big house project, we tore our house down and rebuilt on the foundation, the project started 3 years ago and we’re hoping to be done in the next 6 months. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to work with some kind of paint or stain on my clothes or shoes. My favorite purse now has white stain on it from the porch ceiling I finished last fall but I insist on carrying it anyway because I like it so much. Funny how we adapt to those kinds of things. Sounds like you’re a “go with the flow” kind of girl, that’s a good thing. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, hang in there!

Patricia W. had this to say on 08.08.07:

Oh I can so identify. I too was never terribly high maintenance but since getting the house almost every piece of clothing I own has been trashed. They will have paint, caulk or rips in them from digging into whatever I decided to tackle that day.

Shoes are the other casualty. There are none without paint glops or crud walked into the soles.

And let’s not mention fingernails, feet and skin in general. Always scraped, bruised and scuffed. You’d think I was getting into nightly rumbles on the street.

It got to the point that if the clothing was clean (but paint splattered or ripped) I figured that was good enough for the rest of the world. Until I saw a picture my daughter took of me around last Christmas. We were at a Coney Island and I looked simply awful. It took that objective image to wake me up. Now I have a few outfits that are absolutely off-limits along with a pair of shoes.

Helen had this to say on 08.08.07:

Oh, I know the feeling. I get embarrassed to look that way sometimes when I see neighbors when I’m out in the yard. I, too, have some outfits that supposedly are off-limits but it’s hard for me to resist weeding, or other dirty jobs, without changing clothes. I’ve ruined several pairs of shoes from gardening in them.

Sara had this to say on 08.08.07:

Wait until you start having kids….lol
then everything gets harder!1!

Maria P. had this to say on 08.18.07:

I can totally relate. All of my non office clothes have spackle, primer or paint on them.

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