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DIY Kitchen Remodel – Greg is a god

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Ok, so we did a little DIY remodel in our kitchen with a teensy budget last year, and it came out pretty good. But Greg, over at The Petch House blog, has a kitchen that makes my knees weak. And he did it all himself, including the design and construction of some truly gorgeous custom cabinetry. Norm Abrams, watch your back.
The pictures he’s been posting along the way were always great, but he just posted a video tour that blew me away. A must-see for all house voyeurs:

Check out Greg’s Petch House Kitchen Tour

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

John had this to say on 03.08.07:

I couldn’t agree more. From concept to completion, he’s DIY all the way AND it looks fabulous. Hard to compete with that without being a professional. Wow.

Derek had this to say on 03.08.07:

Your before kitchen, looks a lot like our current kitchen cabinets. I guess that was a popular design in the 50’s or 60’s.

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