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DIY Stenciling


Ariana of Becoming Home is truly a woman after my own heart… she’s decided to save herself a few dollars and make her own wall stencil. I’m going to bookmark this one, because that idea has been floating around in my head for quite a while but I’ve been too busy to actually start it. I’ll let her go first and figure out the pitfalls :)

I could be wrong, but I think the last Victorian Homes magazine had a house full of custom stenciled by an artist. Apparently the DIY stencil trend is really catching on. It seems like the perfect way to do something customized and put your stamp on your house… without a huge pricetag.

Ariana is using Istockphoto as her stock illustration resource, which is smart. That’s my favorite stock site for freelance work because prices are incredibly reasonable – usually between $1 and $10 – and they’ve got a good selection. As she notes, it’s not all great stuff – but vector art can be modified pretty easily if you’re handy with Adobe Illustrator!  Check out her great pattern find, including my two favorites:

DIY stencil rococco

DIY stencil pattern birds

Read her post, and then we can all keep an eye on how the stenciling turns out!

Comments, Thoughts, and Feedback

becoming-home had this to say on 08.20.07:

Ok, I’ll be the guinea pig!

Yikes, now I really need to make sure I finish this project.. I’m really good at the idea stage. Completion, not so much :)

iloveupstate had this to say on 08.20.07:

If you like the sparrows…check out Urban Outfitters. They had a great sparrow stencil a few months back that my fiance bought for me. I’m hoping to use it this weekend. If it’s sold out, you might be able to get one on ebay. It was only $5-8 bucks.

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